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Breaking Gender Stereotypes: The #DontPutMeInABox Campaign

Currently, the Gender Equity Center at Cal Poly is running a campaign to break gender stereotypes. I don’t often use this to promote events happening at my school, but honestly this upcoming campaign is super awesome and not enough people know about it! Also, Laverne Cox is gonna be HERE.

The main event is taking play on May 14, and until then, GEC will be collecting photos of people holding up signs stating how they as an individual have not/do not fit into the gender boxes society creates.  (for example: Just because I am a man doesn’t mean I can’t cry #dontputmeinabox, I am a woman who doesn’t like to put on makeup #dontputmeinabox, Just because I was born a female, doesn’t automatically make me a woman #dontputmeinabox).  The photos will then be exhibited at the Don’t Put Me In a Box Gala and Photo Exhibit in-front of the Chumash Auditorium. 

Laverne Cox will also be there as a guest speaker at the event!

They’d love a ton of people to get involved so keep an eye out for their booth in the UU ready to take a picture and make a statement! 


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