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The Best Places To Reward Yourself in SLO (Whether Or Not Your Deserve It)

School may have just started, but if you’re like me, you’re ready for a break. You went to every class (well, basically), and you’re exhausted from this constant academic excellence and pleasant answers to “Hey, how was your summer?” So…Here’s a list of the best places to reward yourself in SLO, whether or not you deserve it (you do).

1. The Madonna Inn for Pink Champagne cake

Notorious for their decadent decorations and desserts, the Madonna Inn is perfect for those Tuesday night feels when you’re in the mood to do nothing. Food therapy is real, and nothing does it better in SLO than the Pink Champagne cake.

2. Art Bar in Downtown SLO

When the library gets you down, the perfect escape is Art Bar. It combines two of the best activities: drinking wine and painting something (that isn’t for a grade!). Get your culture and wine on and leave satisfied with a finished product. Too tired to lift a paintbrush? Make the five-foot walk to grab a glass of wine at the Granada Bistro, sit on the patio, and channel your inner pensive artist.

3. Sycamore Hot Springs

If you want to experience a day in the life of Her Campus Cal Poly, get out of the busy city and visit Sycamore Hot Springs, our favorite place to relax together. Combining mental and physical recuperation, it’s perfect for after a long week, to escape stressful situations or in preparation for the rest of the quarter.

4. Montana de Oro Tide Pools

This one is a little out of the way, but anyone who’s lived in SLO knows MDO is always worth the drive. Spending a cool morning or sunny afternoon out in one of the beautiful coves is perfect for clearing your mind. Whether it’s school, a job, friends or family, giving yourself the physical distance will help create mental distance you need for clarity. I mean, who can stress while sitting on a beach?

5. Architecture Graveyard

For the automobile-challenged, a closer but equally great option is Arch. Graveyard. Whether you’re down to make the trek out to the Serenity Swing, or you’re just in need of some lush, rolling hills, Arch Graveyard provides peace and quiet close to campus for whenever you need a break.

6. SLO Beer Week and Hard Core Cider Tour

SLO has some great events coming up for October! If you’re over 21 and in need of a fun activity to blow off steam with friends, check out SLO Beer Week or Hard Cider Tour. Beer Week has been a staple activity for college students, with the last day being a large tasting out in Madonna Meadows. You can find more info here and here for these awesome events!

7. Sunset Drive-In

What could be better than watching the sun set behind a giant movie screen, watching a double feature, all from the comfort of your own car? Take the night off, skip the annoying family that has to sit right in front of you at the movies, and treat yourself to one of the unique perks of SLO! Too far? Downtown Centre Cinemas recently installed huge reclining seats, plush enough to pretend you’re in your own home theater!

8. Retail Therapy

The easiest answer (besides food) to blowing off steam is to buy something only for you (again not food). Something that fits just right and makes you feel good can make you feel like your life is on track. Looking for something Vintage? Ruby Rose. Professional? Banana Republic. Trendy? Blackwater.

With a new school year comes new adventures, but also new stresses. While pushing yourself to succeed can help you grow, it’s good to consider your mental health, and reward yourself for your own mini victories.

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