The Best Memes of the Presidential Debates

It’s no secret that the year 2016 has been bizarre, to say the least. Brad and Angelina divorced. Apple killed the iPhone’s headphone jack. Professional clowns started a “clown lives matter” movement after the creepy clown craze. But perhaps the weirdest thing to happen this year is the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. To make light of the fact that our country is essentially screwed, we’ve collected some of the best memes of the presidential debate.

Hillary’s iconic shimmy.

College students when the fourth espresso shot kicks in: “Woo...OKAY!”

Hillary's and Shaq's shimmies put into one GIF.

We just couldn’t leave this one out.

Trump saying, "WRONG."

Donald Trump AKA the first five-year old presidential candidate in American history... He has the best temperament, the best.

The fly that won the first debate.

At this point, that fly would truly make a fantastic president.

Trump’s facial expressions.

How does he even do that??

Trump creepily standing behind Hillary.

What a nasty man.

Hillary and Trump’s musical duet.

Watch the hilarious video of the two singing “Time of My Life” here.

Ken Bone.

Ken Bone: from undecided voter to Internet meme.

“It’s locker room talk.”

We're pretty sure that gloating about being able to get away with sexual assault is NOT just "locker room talk."

Trump coining the terms “nasty women” and “bad hombres.”


Sad Bernie.

We wish it was you out there, Bernie.

The bad lip reading of the second debate.

Trust us, this six minute video is worth watching. Trump and Clinton play “I Can Do This!”, “Time to Act!”, and “Five Favorites.”

This presidential election is one of the worst in history, but at least we’ve gotten some hilarious memes out of it.