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The Best Memes to Bring Out Your Inner Teen Angst

Just when you thought you’d outgrown the punk/emo phase, we’ve compiled a list of memes to remind you of the good old days filled with conflicting emotions, skinny jeans, dark makeup and an unpopular strong opposition to all things Taylor Swift. Embrace the darkness and scream “IT’S NOT A PHASE, MOM” with these amazing memes:

When you thought you’d outgrown it, but you hear one song and your inner emo suddenly awakens:

We’ll just leave this here:

Did anyone ever wake him up? It’s been awhile since September:


When you hear the name of your favorite band and have to use every ounce of will to not completely jump into another person’s conversation:

“Taking my time on my R-eieiiiiiiiiiiide”

There are three kinds of people: those that continue with “it’s me,” “is it me you’re looking for?” or THIS:

That moment when you realize Gerard is sly AF:

Maybe Twilight would’ve been more like MCR’s “Sing” music video:


Nemo was actually so angsty if you really think about it…He risked it all to touch the butt:


This MAN is so extra and it’s hilarious:


When you have a soft side but you gotta remind em’ that you’re still edgy:




When you realize “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was produced in 2005:


People who don’t worship music can’t seem to understand this feeling:

That moment when the wind ruins your edgy punk look:

Gotta find this street:


When Mom asks “Who is Black Veil Brides?”:



When you finally tried to interact with the rest of humanity:


An eternal battle:


When you wanna have fun but you gotta maintain your punk vibe:

Have you pulled out your old band t-shirt and black lipstick yet? You should.

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