Best Hacks For Dorm Decorations

Going to college is full of excitement and stress. From getting to know your roommates to finding your way around campus, you have plenty to worry about. Don’t let decorating your dorm be another stressor. With these ten tips, your room will look like it’s out of a magazine while still following the rules of the dorm.

1. Make command strips your best friend

The dorms have all sorts of rules when it comes to decorations, which can be frustrating when you plan ahead only to find out you can’t put your inspirational quotes up with a thumbtack. Still, have no fear. Command strips will be your best friends in the dorms. You can put up picture frames, mirrors and all other forms of décor without damaging the wall. And if you’re living in Sierra Madre or Yosemite, some of the walls are covered in a cloth material that one single sided Command strip will stick to like Velcro.

2. Decorate those power cords

As a college student, it’s inevitable to have power cords in your room. From and laptop chargers to plugs for lights and lamps, those cords can look like an ugly mess. Change that with decorative tape. Pick out your favorite colors or patterns and wrap up the cords to give them a more fashionable look. Brands such as Washi tape have countless different designs for you to pick from.

3. Repurpose the shower caddy

Shower caddies are an obvious necessity for those communal dorm bathrooms, but they can also be used in a way you wouldn’t expect. If you hang a shower caddy on a wall (make use of those Command strips!), it can serve as a cute room accessory that stores desk supplies, water bottles and anything else you want to put in there.

4. Utilize your bunk bed

And speaking of caddies, if you’re sleeping on the top of a bunk bed, you can buy a bedside caddy that is made to hang on the side of your bed so that you can keep some pens, paper, snacks and anything else you might need while sitting in bed but don’t want to climb down the ladder for. Meanwhile the side of your bed will have an accessory.

5. DIY dry erase board

If you like the idea of a whiteboard but don’t like the look of a plain white rectangle, make your own! Pick out a picture frame and place fabric or paper with a color or pattern you like inside. You can write on the glass with a dry erase marker and turn it into your own calendar, to-do list or doodle board.

6. Make a cosmetic magnet board

This is both a cute look for your room and a great way to organize your makeup. Cover a metal sheet or pan with a fabric of your choice and hang it up on your wall (Command strips strike again!). Stick magnets to your cosmetic items and you’ve got a stylish yet organized wall.

7. Buy some wall decals

If you’re struggling to find wall décor that follows dorm rules and still looks the way you want, consider getting some wall decals. These stickers can go on your wall without the need of nails or thumbtacks. Just make sure they’re removable so that they don’t damage the paint!

8. Use a cork board for jewelry 

Another way to store your items while decorating your wall is with a bulletin board and your jewelry. Whether you want the traditional brown bulletin board or a fancier one with patterned fabric, hanging your jewelry up on the board will give your wall a completed look and give you a place to keep your earrings.

9. Hang a tapestry with clothespins

If you’re determined to hang up a tapestry but can’t use thumbtacks or nails, this is what you can do. Take two clothespins and attach Command strips to each backing. Attach these on the wall where you want the top two corners of your tapestry to go, and clip the tapestry into the clothespins.

10. Line your drawers and shelves 

Sometimes the shelves and drawers that come with your dorm aren’t entirely appealing. Some have chipped paint or permanently dirty wood, and they’re not exactly what you want to look at every morning when you get dressed for school. With shelf liner paper, you can pick out your favorite pattern and cover those shelves and drawers with fun colors that hide the old dorm look.