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Ok my romance junkies, another season of The Bachelor is well on it’s way and your viewing party is DEEP in the drama. Will the pageant girls get eachother kicked off? Who will be the super b***h this season? Will the virginity mentions ever end?? Of course the show is entertaining by itself, but let’s be honest, sometimes it becomes routine. Conveniently, a bottle of wine pairs well with the show and can be turned into a game. Here are some of the times we ALL need a drink.

Take one sip when:

  • A girl “steals” Colton at the cocktail party or group date

  • Someone makes a bad pun aka: “he’s not a stretching virgin anymore,” like what?? I am very sure Colten, the ex-football player, has encountered stretching before… I digress.

  • His virginity is brought up (often tied to the previous point, make sure to drink for both!)

  • A girl covers an awkward pause in conversation with an uncomfortable laugh

  • Someone is staring dramatically into the distance

Take two sips when:

  • A contestant confronts another girl or goes to Colten about it

  • They pretend to already know the celebrity making a cameo appearance

  • They have to something random in front of a live audience

  • A girl sucks at a group date

  • A girl makes a big deal about getting a rose (especially the last one!)


Some people are competitive about the contestant they think they will win. This next version will make you put your wine where your mouth is. So go ahead roll the dice, but if you’re wrong you might just be the one with the hangover tomorrow.

First you have to pick your favorite contestant (they can change by each episode, but come on! Show some commitment, that’s what we are all here for in the first place). Then based on how well your girl does in the night you can assign or be assigned drinks. Here are the rules:


Give a drink when:

  • Your girl gets talked about positively by Colten

  • Your girl gets kissed

  • Your girl is supportive of the other contestants (girl power!)

  • Your girl looks fire on a date or ceremony ​

Give two drinks when:

  • Your girl references a future with Colten, or if he references one with her

  • Your girl gets a one-on-one

  • Your girl gets a rose

Take a drink if:

  • Your girl is being jealous

  • Your girl cries

  • Your girl is censored (words or body)


Finish your drink if:

  • Your girl gets eliminated, sorry babe

Everyone else finishes their drink if:

  • Your girl gets a proposal (in Arie’s case that would have happened twice, yikes)   


Watchout, drinking as a sport is no joke so after the final rose make sure to chase with lots of water! Then mentally prepare yourself for next Monday when the games can begin again. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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