All the Rave About Gua Sha

This Gua Sha technique may have just recently become all the hype in American beauty guru skincare regimens; however, this method has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for many years. Gua translates to press and Sha translates to redness. This ancient practice includes dragging a jade or rose quartz stone over the skin to release tension in the jaw and temples, improve blood circulation, remove toxins, and replace them with oxygen and nutrients. There are several benefits to this natural therapy, such as revitalizing dull skin, reducing fine lines on aging skin, and stimulating the collagen production within the skin. 

The cooling sensation of the stone helps to soothe and de-puff the skin, while also reducing inflammation and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

For optimal results, prep the skin by spritzing a hydrating mist such as rose water, followed by applying a few drops of your favorite serum or facial oil on to damp skin. Make sure your skin feels well-moisturized before using the Gua Sha so the tool will glide easily over the skin. Always drag the tool upwards and outwards to prevent tugging at the skin and to combat wrinkles.

Just a few minutes of this daily massage will not only leave your skin with an instant supple glow, but your skin will also feel healthier, firmer, and more sculpted. This diagram provides a guide for the areas of the face that should be massaged as well as the direction in which you should drag the Gua Sha tool.