Adorable & Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Between the endless amounts of candy, the fun parties and the seasonal Disney movies, Halloween time is the best. To get in the fall spirit, I've found the top 7 ways to make your pumpkin super cute--and since I know you have midterms to study for, they're all easy too!

1. Glowing Pumpkin

Don’t have the time (or the carving skills) to sculpt an elaborate jack-o-lantern? This pretty and easy alternative adds a bit of effortless pizazz into your Halloween décor:

After hollowing out the pumpkin, drill holes in its sides so that they go all the way through. Make flowers, patterns, whatever you want. Then insert clear glass gems into the holes, put in a lit candle, and you’ll instantly have a uniquely beautiful decoration for your front porch!

2. Painted Pumpkin 

Who needs to slave over a gooey and sticky pumpkin for hours when you can add a pop of color and/or glitter (no one’s judging) to your room?!? Pick a design to match your décor or a cool pattern to add some flavor to a boring table and begin! My personal favorite is the Lily Pulitzer florals (sorry, shameless sorority girl over here!)

3. The Ultimate Shortcut

If you find yourself to be artistically challenged, this one’s for you. After hollowing out the pumpkin, all you need is a small hammer and cookie cutters. How easy is that?

4. Lace Pumpkins

Another simple yet elegant idea to add some fall to your room. You could even spray-paint the pumpkin a solid color before wrapping the lace around it for a different look.

5. Goofy Pumpkin

This hilarious idea is pretty cute. If you have the skills to carve a face out of that tiny pumpkin, all the power to you.

6. Teacher's Pumpkin

This one is too adorable to leave off this list. This would be a creative gift for a favorite teacher!

7. Glitter Pumpkin

Last, but certainly not least, the all-out glittered pumpkin. This one takes some serious dedication—as girls, we all know that glitter never seems to completely disappear even after countless hours of vacuuming and cleaning. You’ll be finding little sparkly specks sporadically until Halloween 2015.

Happy decorating, collegiettes!