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9 Upbeat Beauty Youtubers to Brighten your Day

Coronavirus has turned daily routines turned upside down and it can be difficult to start your day in a positive way. A relaxing way to get ready in the morning is to make your favorite coffee (Have you tried the whipped coffee yet? It is everything!) and watch some beauty tutorials. Getting your creativity flowing can help you feel more inspired and productive throughout the day. With the freedom of online classes, it’s important to take time for yourself, and incorporating these inspiring creators could help alleviate some stress and help improve your makeup skills! Also, if you’re just not a morning person, you can always do this later in the day or turn it into a self-care night.

Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook, previously known as Glamlifeguru, has been many people’s favorite YouTuber for years. Her channel is full of great tips and corny jokes which is perfect for taking your mind off the stresses of school or coronavirus! If you are looking for in-depth product reviews so you can purchase without hesitation, Tati’s channel is the one to go to. Plus, she has exciting challenges and collaborations with other celebrities, makeup artists, and her family members. If you want to challenge your contour skills, check out this video she did with Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist, Scott Barnes. So take a break, pull out that favorite palette, and start practicing those skills!


Bubbly, sweet, and always drenched in highlighter, Rachhloves is a canadian mom and YouTuber! She has a review based channel that talks about products in an optimistic way. Whether she is breaking down the best and worst from the drugstore on her RachhLoves channel or trying out new recipes on RachhLovesLife, it’s always easy and energizing watching her content. If you’re looking for some new snacks to try and a great lipstick recommendation, Rachel’s channels really are the place to be.

Jackie Aina

If you love an insightful, chatty “Get Ready with Me” then you will love Jackie’s Channel. She is always coming through with great recommendations and stunning looks. When you mix in her sass and original intro song, it’s easy to find yourself binge watching her channel for hours. She tends to be a little bit more luxurious in her makeup and skincare choices, but her recommendations are always spot on! Jackie’s makeup is always stunning and her personality is warm, outgoing, and positive. Watching her videos truly feel like hanging out with a girlfriend. If you need some of that energy in your home right now, make sure to check her channel out!

Wayne Goss

If you’ve been practicing your supermodel walk while sheltering in place, you should definitely check out Wayne Goss’s channel. He is not afraid to share his opinions and tips as a professional makeup artist. These tools can help you find the right ways to apply makeup, such as contour and eyeshadow, to best compliment your facial structure. Just like one pair of jeans won’t fit everyone perfectly (sorry, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, jeans like that don’t exist in real life), one way of doing makeup won’t work for every person’s face. So while you’re at home and don’t have to stress about going out of the house, sit down and try some different shapes and techniques. You’ll never know what will work best until you try it!


Over the years, Dani has artfully created a channel that serves as an escape for her subscribers. Aptly named, CoffeeBreakwithDani is a perfect channel to play in the background while you’re having your coffee and getting ready in the morning. (Seriously, this whipped coffee is heaven!) Dani is open and honest about everything with her audience, which makes her “Get Ready with Me” videos so much fun. If you want a cheerful new friend to get ready within the morning, try putting on one of Dani’s videos and feel her good energy linger throughout the rest of your day!

Serein Wu

When the spas and salons are all closed down, bring the zen home with an ASMR facial from Serein Wu’s channel. These videos are perfect to watch with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket. Or you can always follow along with your own self-care routine to bring the spa to your home! Serein’s soothing voice helps melt the day’s stress away while she massages some incredible skincare into her friends’ faces. Serein focuses on encompassing health, beauty, and wellness. So, if you need help taking some time for yourself during this shelter in place period- her channel is a fantastic way to unwind!

Ryan Potter

If you are craving inspiration for some editorial looks to rock on instagram, Ryan Potter has you covered! He manages to make some of the more daunting, colorful looks seem effortless. If you’ve been wanting to try out some faux freckles or a colorful liner, give his content a try! Ryan thoroughly breaks down his looks step-by-step for his audience, making his looks attainable at home for everyone. A great way to test out looks that you aren’t quite comfortable with yet is to practice it at the end of the day, right before you wash your face. Watching some tutorials and practicing different skills is a great way to slow down at the end of the day, and Ryan has some incredible content to help you do that!


If you want to really challenge yourself to step up your eyeshadow game, NikkieTutorials is the channel to turn to for some serious inspiration! Her looks are always creative and colorful. Not to mention, the way she shapes her eyeshadow takes serious skill! Nikki has many older videos breaking down how to do different styles, such as a cut crease or halo eye, which are perfect to start practicing now. The possibilities are endless when you practice and let your confidence shine through.

Rebecca Morgan

Within the realm of YouTube, there has been an emerging group of content creators who are working to be more conscious about their spending habits, their environmental impact, and the companies and practices they choose to support. If you have been trying to reevaluate your beauty routine, make sure to check out Rebacca Morgan’s channel. For the past few years she has been working on making her beauty collection completely cruelty free and reducing unnecessary waste. While doing this, she also manages to create and film looks that are unique, colorful, and wearable for every day. If you are looking for some inspiration to clean out your beauty routine and get good use out of every product you own, Rebecca provides all this and more in her videos!

Over the years, YouTube has become a staple part of my daily routine. After watching some of these channels since I began wearing makeup, these creators almost feel like old friends who I can turn to when I’m having a stressful day. If you have been needing a beauty-related outlet to turn to during this stressful time, these channels are a great place to go. So take some time for yourself today and let us know who your favorite beauty gurus are on our Instagram, @hercampuscalpoly!

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