9 Things You Are Bound to Experience Living in the Dorms

The dorms are where you will spend a lot of your time during the first year. It is quite an interesting experience that you will only get to have once. Here are just a few things that you are bound to experience while living in the dorms.


1. Getting out of the shower and realizing that you locked yourself out of your room

This especially occurs in the beginning of the year when you aren’t used to carrying a key everywhere. Not a good time let me tell ya.


2. Dance parties

When it’s Friday night and it’s about that time to go out, all of the sudden BOOM an instant dance party occurs to get you pumped up for the night ahead.



There always seems to be people hanging out in your common room having a grand ol’ time but you being a busy college student can’t be in the common room hanging out 24/7 so there’s bound to be some FOMO at some point somewhere.


4. 2 AM pizza parties

There is never not a good time for pizza. When you come home from a long day and night of college life, sometimes pizza is just the thing you need.


5. Getting written up for something you didn’t do

One beer can unopened in the room + RA walk by = everybody in that room getting written up. Quite a frustrating time.


6. Observing the awkwardness of dormcest throughout your hall

Whether it’s you or someone else, there is bound to be at least one hookup between two people in your hall that everyone knows about, so we all secretly will watch the awkwardness of their interactions from here on out.


7. People barging in your room

People love to hang out with everyone at all times of the day. It’s a blessing and a curse.


8. Becoming a deeper sleeper

This is a guaranteed. By being surrounded by so many people all the time, you will learn to sleep through just about anything.


9. Making great friendships

Living in the dorms is such an important experience that for many is a foundation for the rest of their college life. You will meet amazing people from all different places. You see everyone in your hall constantly so you are bound to make some great friends. Who knows, some of the people in your hall may become your friends for life.