8 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn: The always accessible resume. This website is a very powerful one and can make or break career opportunities. As we enter college, many of us are just starting to create and build our LinkedIn profiles. Here are some tips and tricks for all that are new to the LinkedIn world.

1. Don’t hesitate to connect with people

LinkedIn is different than normal social media accounts. Everyone’s mom and dad always tell them to be cautious with who you accept to follow you on instagram or to be your friend on Facebook. With LinkedIn, any connection is good and you never know when that connection may come to good use for you later on. The more the merrier!

2. Use description boxes under your position names

Ex: rather than just writing the position “Marketing Intern at Company XYZ” write that AND below make bullet points of what you did during your time with that position in the description box. This will make you stand out because it shows more in depth of your past experiences and how you could potentially apply those experiences to the ones you will have at a future job.

3. Use a professional photo of just you for your profile picture

Once again, LinkedIn is not like other social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Make sure your profile picture is a picture of only you. Don’t be wearing a bikini or party outfit in your profile picture. The picture should be of good quality that shows your face. By showing your face this helps employers to put a face to the name. An employer’s first impression of you may be your LinkedIn profile picture so you want to make the first impression a good one.

4. Constantly be updating your profile

Companies like to see that you are actively accomplishing more and more. If you are doing something, might as well be benefited by it a little more by showing off that activity on your LinkedIn profile.

5. If you took a class that really interested you, put it on your profile

You may not think it but classes count for a noteworthy accomplishment too, it’s not just your work experience and extracurriculars that are to be considered. Don’t list every class you have taken of course, but if there was a class that you were passionate about, add that class to your profile. By adding these classes to your profile, you are showing potential employers your passions, which can be helpful if those passions align with the position that you are trying to get.

6. Add projects to your profile

This kind of ties in with adding classes you have taken. If you have had a class where you have completed a project of significance, put that project on your profile!

7. Personalize your URL

LinkedIn allows you to personalize your url. By personalizing your url to say your name makes it easier and more efficient for potential employers to find you.

8. Have a strong headline

Your headline is the first and sometimes the only thing that people will see on your profile. Make sure your headline truly reflects what you are currently up to in the business world. If the employer of your dream job could know one thing about what you are currently doing that could land you the job, what would it be? That’s your headline.

Now go update that profile and get the job of your dreams!