8 Stages of Getting Ready to Go Out

Beneath all the big moments, one of the best parts of college is just getting ready with your friends. To be honest, ancing around the house swapping outfits can be even more fun than the party itself. But let’s face it-sometimes it’s a struggle. Here are the 8 stages everyone goes through while getting ready to go out:

Finding (and blasting) the perfect playlist to get you hyped

Nothing says TGIF like your favorite jams.

Pulling out all of your “maybes” for the night and turning your room into a clothing tornado in the process

You’ll never know what’s the perfect outfit until you try everything on.  

Announcing that you have absolutely nothing to wear

Preach it Rory.

Deciding that this is the night you finally master your new contour palette

Pull up the Youtube tutorial...it can't be that hard, right?

Changing your mind and starting over

Hey, your “look” became your go-to for a reason.

Dancing around the living room to make sure your shoes are comfortable enough

You’ve gotta be able to show off your moves.  

Catching yourself in the mirror and realizing how dope you look

Oooh girl...Time to break out Snapchat.

Frantically trying to find your purse before the Uber arrives

 No matter what you decide to wear, remember to walk into the room like the bad-a** woman you are.