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8 ‘Friends’ Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Life

Okay, let’s face it: ‘Friends’ is honestly the best show that has ever aired. I know this, you know this, even your grandma knows this. The appeal of the show stems from how relatable it is, especially as you get older. Now, as twenty-somethings, the situations faced by the characters of ‘Friends’ are things that nearly all of us are starting to experience. For this reason, we find the show hilariously relatable, as it is a testament, however exaggerated it may be, to the experiences of becoming a true adult. Due to the sheer honesty of the show, gifs and screenshots from ‘Friends’ have become a staple of comedy in recent years. Have a sh*tty breakup? There’s a ‘Friends’ screenshot for it that’ll make you laugh your ass off and forget about your stupid ex. Do something stupid? Here’s a gif of Ross doing something way more stupid. So, for your comedic enjoyment, here are eight more ‘Friends’ gifs that’ll make you say “SAME!”

1. When you meet a cute person in class and are trying to get their number.

Ahh, Joey. You flirty, sexy thing, you.

2. When your sh*tty ex tries to blame you for the relationship’s problems.

Honestly, this list might be 90% Joey, and we’re not even sorry about it. He’s just so damn relatable!

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3. When you realize you can be 100% yourself around a new friend. 

Honestly, whose idea was it to end ‘Friends’? We miss golden moments like this!

4. When you pass a test you definitely didn’t study for. 

Same, Chandler. Same.

5. When you and your friends have a crazy night planned, but you’re the sloppy friend. 

Girl you know you are gonna end up taking one too many shots. It’s just who you are. At least Chandler relates. 

6. When your friend keeps going back to the same f**kboy who messed her up!

GIRL. Take Phoebe’s advice and MOVE TF ON!

7. When you have no idea what you’re talking about in an essay, but you’re trying to seem smart and sophisticated.

Honestly, the fact that you know nothing about the topic of this test is a “moo” point now.

8. When you’ve had a sh*tty day, and you just need to unwind, but your friends are judging you.


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Honestly, we could have made this list a million gifs long. There’s just too much about this show that’s relatable! While you may think that life personally has it out for you, just remember: there’s definitely a ‘Friends’ gif for your situation. 

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