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7 Thoughts You Have During Your First Brazilian Wax

Welcome to the wonderful world of waxing, where you’ll always be smooth and stubble-free! Getting your first bikini wax or brazilian can be extremely intimidating, but don’t worry, you’ll be hooked on them in no time! The initial pain, or should I say discomfort, only lasts while they are pulling the wax strips off, along with all of your unwanted little hairs. Depending on your desired final product, you can ask for a simple bikini wax or ask for everything to be taken off with a good ol’ brazilian. Here are the X thoughts you’ll have during the whole experience–we promise it’s worth it! 

1. So am I supposed to take my pants off now or will she leave the room??

Okay, this one is always up in the air. Some waxers will blankly stare at you after saying, “Alright, let’s get started!” and others will politely leave the room and give you a few minutes to give yourself a little pep talk while taking your pants off and jumping on the table. Honestly, they’ve probably seen hundreds of girls take their pants off in fear, don’t let it intimidate you! 

2. This woman is really trying to make conversation with me while I’m in a pants-less butterfly position!? 

She’s probably only trying to figure out what you want removed or asking if it’s your first time in (she can probably see the fear in your eyes TBH), but just take a breath and try to relax! You may not be used to having a random lady while having your private parts out and about, but it’ll be quick (and sooo worth it!)

3. Oh sh*t, she just put the wax on…is it too late to back out now!?

The first strip is always the scariest. I mean, you don’t really know what to expect. Will you jump off the table in pain or will you say a quick, “ouch,” and be ready for the next one? Well, at this point, you’re about it find out!

4. Wait, THIS is the most painful spot? What were the last ones!?

Hearing the waxer say “this is the most painful spot!” is always such a disheartening moment. You’re thinking, “okay, these last ones aren’t too bad! I can handle this!” and then, bam. She hits you with this curveball. Preparing yourself for something that’s supposed to be even worse than the first few is quite difficult to do, trust me. (BTW–it’s still not that bad.) 

5. You want me to hold what back?? 

Depending on the style of wax you get, your waxer might have you switch positions to help her get the hair around your butt. You’ll either be flipping over to your stomach and spreading your cheeks, or pulling your bent legs closer to your chest, and trust me when I say this is where things get the most awkward! 

6. Oh, this doesn’t hurt that bad? I don’t believe you. 

Waxers will tell you that the butt area actually is the least painful spot to pull, and you probably won’t believe them at all–I know I didn’t. However, it really is way less painful or sensitive than the rest of the wax you just endured. 

7. Wait, it’s already over!? 

Although it may seem like it takes forever for the service to be completed, most waxers average around 15 minutes for a full brazilian wax! After that somewhat uncomfortable and awkward length of time, you’ll be walking away with the smooth, hair-free skin you were wanting!

Waxes might be a bit off-putting at first, but after you get through the first few pulls, you’ll be a waxing pro! Say goodbye to that razor in your shower, and hello to the magical world of waxing! 

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