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7 Things We All Secretly Miss About VG’s

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Even if we won’t admit it, we all still catching ourselves feeling nostalgic for good old Vista Grande, aka VG’s, one of Cal Poly’s former dining venues. Sure, we complained about eating the same old things– and let’s be honest, we all got sick at least once from eating too many fries. But still, there are some things we can’t help but secretly miss about this old place:

  1. The late night breakfast options

Two words: breakfast. Burritos. And who could forget about those 2 a.m. waffles?

2. It was the perfect after-party spot

VG’s was the perfect stop on the way back from a party. Plus, no one judged you since like, 95% of the people there were drunk too.

3. Munchies

Fries, burgers, chips, sandwiches galore… this place had it all.

4. The L

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly a plus if you worked here, but it was pretty dang convenient to be able to get a cheeseburger at one in the morning.

5.  It was the hangout spot freshman year

*posts in tower GroupMe about going to VG’s for some fries* *30 people immediately show up outside dorm*

6. The “strips chicken”

Not sure why, but literally nobody ever called them chicken strips. They were pretty good, even if they did make you yak once or twice.

7. The random friendships that were forged there

We all probably met some of our friends here, tbh. Who wouldn’t bond over breakfast burritos?