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7 SLO Dates You Won’t Find on Google

We’re assuming you’re bored of typical and predictable dates so we put together a date list that’ll refresh your pocket of originality. It’s winter quarter and we’re all looking for date ideas that haven’t already been overheard from a guy in your Stats class or a girl gushing to her friends on Dexter Lawn about her late night meet-up at SloDoCo. There’s nothing wrong with getting to know someone over a donut or two (or three… ok let’s be honest, four). We of all people are highly skilled in the area of SloDoCo indulgence! Her Campus Cal Poly just wants to help you boost your game with what you can’t type into a search bar. So listen up and save this page when you want to avoid the mutual, “idk what do u want to do?” convo.

*Rated out of 5 Hearts Possible*

1. For the Foodie


Cook/bake dishes that originate from different parts of the world (on a college budget of course). Make sure to choose your date’s favorite foods or something he/she has said they’ve been wanting to try.

Intimacy: 3 Hearts

Not Enough? Depending on the theme of foods, decorate the dinner table to show that you put extra thought into the night.

Intimacy: 4 Hearts

2. For the Salty Babe

Have a sunset picnic at Montana De Oro trail by bringing your date’s favorite take-out (or even a home-cooked meal). The key is picnicking at this picnic bench that not many people know about, that rests on a cliff hugged by the ocean about a mile down the main Montana De Oro trail

Intimacy: 4 Hearts

Not Enough? Fancy it up bring a table cloth, wine and cheese and your date will be blown away.

Intimacy: 5 Hearts

3. For the Writer

Attend a show at The Great American Melodrama in Oceano. Tickets range from $17-$25 per person with a student discount. Enjoy a night of good ol’ American food, comedy by professional performers and honky-tonk piano music in a hay on the ground kind of place.

Intimacy: 2 Hearts

4. For the Morning Glory

Prep breakfast food and drive to a scenic place to watch the sunrise. Chances are it’ll probably be chilly so popping down your car’s back seats or truck bed with blankets is a plus. Lovely places in SLO county for this are Cambria and Montana De Oro.

Intimacy: 3 Hearts

Not Enough? Drive on Pismo Beach and watch the ocean from a front row view.

Intimacy: 4 Hearts

5. For the Group

Have a group date game-night. Not only is playing games like Head’s Up! a great ice breaker for everyone, but it’ll make everyone laugh, and it gives you a chance to bond with your new beau.

Not Enough? Bring boogie boards to the backside of the Oceano Dunes and tandem ride down the steep sand. Don’t have a boogie board? No problem, downtown Pismo is filled with cheap boards.

Intimacy: 1 Hearts

6. For the Campus Meet-Up

Stay up late in the Kennedy Library people watching. It’s a guilty pleasure of all ours, so why not make it a group activity?

Intimacy: 1 Hearts

7. For the Driver

Eat dinner on top of your car while watching over the elephant seals in San Simeon (one town above Cambria or about 50 minutes north from SLO). It’s getting colder during the winter so be sure to bring a blanket or two for snuggling!

Intimacy: 3 Hearts

Demitria Castanon, otherwise called Demi, aspires to keep encouraging women in spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth. She is the founder of Together We Can Make A Difference, a drive that collects toiletries and school supplies for the women and children at the San Luis Obispo Women's Shelter. Demi has a passion for health and wellness. Juicing farmer's market fruits and veggies, running, beach volleyball, trying new things, writing, dinner parties, anything that requires a bikini, loving and laughing with those around her all contribute to making her world go round...as well as the occasional candy apple paired with Netflix. Demi is raised in a Greek family with a strong line of ansectors.  Her idols are her mother and her Noni.  If she were to achieve only one thing in life it would be to "make my family proud of who I am." Her main goal with writing is to inspire, challenge and advise readers in leading an all-around healthy life styles. Follow her on Instagram (http://instagram.com/demicastanon) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/demi.castanon).
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