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7 Signs Your Ex is Actually the Worst

It’s no secret that going through a breakup is never easy. But, having to cope with the feelings of heartbreak and loss when your ex can’t maturely handle themselves makes it that much harder. Here are seven signs that your ex is actually the worst: 

1. They pretend like the relationship never happened 

So many times after a break up people just pretend like you never even existed. They take you off social media, delete all the old posts and photos and pretend like they never even met you. You can delete the pictures and virtually pretend we don’t exist, but the memories will always be there. Just remember: if your ex does this, it is only because they probably miss you and cannot handle that you are no longer bae. 

2. They are immature AF

There is nothing worse than a breakup that lacks respect and maturity. Sure, initially both parties probably hold a lot of anger and saddess but if this never subsides there is an issue. Having an ex handle everything with anger and continuious fighting is the WORST. If your ex starts yelling at or arguing with you anytime you try and have a mature conversation, it is only because they are not capable of handling emotion. You definitely “dodged a bullet” by letting them go!  

3. They immediately try to replace you

Arguably, the most typical post-breakup move is to immediately jump into another relationship–the ultimate bandaid. While it may initially hurt to see your ex-bae with someone else, try and realize that they really only are a bandaid. Your ex is hurting and trying to heal. Plus, more times than not this replacement is definitely a downgrade. Take time for yourself and enjoy being single, you deserve better than a bandaid. You can “bounce back” without another significant other, being the best version of yourself and falling in love with your own life is the best revenge there is. 

4. They start posting on social media just to bother you

Going through a breakup in this social media age seriously sucks. It is so simple to present any image you want with a click of a button. The worst is when your ex rarely used social media and now that they are on the market, they are posting all the time. If your ex is doing this, they are only trying to get your attention–take it as a compliment! They clearly are not moving on and want you to be thinking about them. Take the “high road” and let them mourn the loss of you. 

5. They are nice to your family but awful to you

Being close with your ex’s family can be so hard when the relationship comes to an end. It can be even harder having to explain the breakup to your family too, especially if they were fans of your ex! Sometimes, an ex will try and take advantage of what was a good relationship with the fam and still try and charm them. Yet, they are treating you like complete $h*t! Your family will always have your back, just be honest with them about the breakup and they will be on your side. Let them know it is okay to “throw some shade” at the ex if need-be. 

6. They don’t speak highly of you 

Having an ex who can’t recognize that their emotions of anger and sadness are because they are hurt is incredbily hard to deal with. They cope with the anger by talking badly about you only because you decided you deserved better and honestly–it’s pathetic. In a mature breakup, both parties can recognize that good times and the bad and still maintain a level of respect for each other. Do not put up with someone who is talking badly about you, just be glad you let them go. 

7. They can’t accept that they let you get away

Usually all of this awful and annoying breakup-behavior comes down to one, simple explaination: your ex knows you will always be the one that got away and there’s nothing they can do about it now.

The moral of the story is don’t ever let an ex take anymore happiness from you–make them rue the day that they let you go. Chances are, they probably already do. 

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