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7 Dumb Things You Shouldn’t Do With A Smart Phone

We know — you have to have your phone on you at every possible second. But you don’d need to obsessively check text messages during class, talk too loud on a call so everyone knows your personal business or constantly make goofy faces on Snapchat.

Sometimes, just putting your phone away can make a world of difference in your social and academic life. By following a few simple tips and using proper phone etiquette, you can use your smart phone more efficiently and enjoy life outside of your screen.

1. While in class, it’s best to use your phone as little as possible. Lectures can be boring, but you might miss important information (and no one can multitask as well as they think they can). Avoid scrolling through your Instagram feed for the fifth time in 10 minutes. Try putting your phone in your bag, or setting it on “do not disturb” so you won’t be tempted to check it every time it vibrates — plus you won’t have to keep asking, “What did my professor just say?”

2. Be careful where you take your Snapchats and how many you take. If you’re in a lecture hall, don’t take a hundred of selfies or open embarrassing pictures of your friends. People behind you can see your screen, and although they might think it’s funny at first, it’s not fun to watch you make awkward faces for an hour.

3. Don’t text or talk on the phone while crossing the street. Cars and bikers are always whizzing by in San Luis Obispo, and the last think you want is to be caught in a dangerous situation.

4. Have a lock code on your phone. It might get annoying to unlock it every time, but think about your activity space (like the library, the UU, restaurants, the bookstore, etc.) and realize how many places — and people — you pass. The easiest way to prevent theft and keep your personal items personal is to set a password on your phone. This way, if your phone is stolen, they will be unable to access your information.

5. Don’t talk at your maximum volume. If you have a bad connection, hang up and call the person back. No one wants to listen to you yell, “Hello? Can you hear me?” over and over again, trust us.

6. Avoid talking on your phone while you’re paying for something or ordering food. It comes across as rude to the person helping you, and it wastes their time. Even though the campus dining lines can be long, it’s no excuse to have a phone conversation that everyone has to hear and talk over.

7. If you’re with someone while waiting for an important call, put your phone on vibrate and place it facedown on the table. When you do get the call, take it in another place, instead of making the person you’re with feel unappreciated or sit in silence while you have a conversation.

As simple as these may sound, they can change the way you interact with people and how they see you. Be conscious of the time you spend on your phone and develop polite smart phone manners.

Samantha is a second year journalism student at Cal Poly. On campus, she is a staff writer for the Mustang News, editor for Her Campus Cal Poly, a board member on the American Marketing Association and plays intramural soccer. She loves to write, wear pajamas and re-watch episodes of The Office on Netflix. She aspires to have a career in broadcast journalism or law and hopes to someday travel around the world.
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