7 Classic Christmas Gifts You Can Always Expect

If you’re like me, Christmas is basically the biggest event of the year. Personally, I can’t let myself get too excited about the day too early because I go crazy from anticipation. Try as I may, however, the smell of pine makes it way too difficult to deny that the season is upon us.

Gifts left under the Christmas tree are still marked “From: Santa” in my household; over the years, I started to notice a pattern in the some of the gift-wrapped goodies. As gifts became more predictable for myself, I decided to categorize typical presents you can expect this Christmas.

1)     The gift from grandma. 

You know, I was just feeling like I needed a new pair of socks, and this pair with cats is just what I had in mind. Thanks Grandma! Plus, sometimes some cash falls out of the card that came with it, so you rock those socks, big spender.

2)     The well meaning aunt.

You may not have seen this family member in a few years, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you! They may have gotten your age confused, but they know you exist!  I mean, are you ever too old for some High School Musical karaoke?

3)     The practical mom gift.

They say mother knows best. Therefore, Old Navy gift cards and drawer organizers are to be expected. Merry Christmas. But hey, it’s the best-wrapped gift under that tree. I’m convinced moms can work some serious magic with wrapping paper and ribbon.

4)     The sentimental BFF DIY gift.

This gift is always my favorite; it’s always awesome knowing that they spent more time on your present, rather than the money. It’s the gift that says: “I’m a broke college student, but I love you, girl.”

5)     The world traveler.

We all have friends who actually go to cool places and do cool things over the break, and some of them even bring back new key chains for the collection! Does a Christmas movie marathon with hot chocolate count as a cool thing?

6)     The “are we on the gift-giving level yet?” friend.

These are the people who you might not have known for as long, and aren’t quite sure if you should go shopping for yet. My advice: get some cheap or cute extras to fill in for these guys, in case they surprise you with a gift to avoid the awkward moment that follows.

7)     The gift you’ve been “hinting” at for the last 6 months.

We’ve all had these for years. Those gifts that you really want, but aren’t sure if it’s in the cards this year? Mention those early because sometimes Santa pulls through.

Regardless of what kind of surprises lay under the tree this year, it’s always nice knowing that people have been thinking of you. Spread that holiday sprit this year and brighten someone’s day with a gift they’re not expecting!