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7 Awesome Ways an ADHD Brain Works

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD, can often be extremely frustrating for the person experiencing it. Many people like myself didn’t even realize how difficult their disorder was until they are thrown into a stressful situation, such as the college quarter system. Symptoms of ADHD include but are not limited to inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.  

In order to combat these negative stigmas, here are some awesome ways that the ADHD brain works. Not everyone will relate to every trait on this list. A large amount of people with the disorder tend to actually be shy and reserved and struggle more with focus rather than hyperactivity. But no matter what, the ADHD brain is a valid one, and here are some unique ways of how it works:

1. If you tend to be hyperactive, your energy is contagious

Even an adventure to the grocery store can be fun with someone like you because you have so much energy. This might make you feel annoying sometimes,, but this energy actually attracts people to you and encourages you to fuel your talents.

2. You have an eye for the “little things”

You have the amazing ability to notice even the tiniest, random details that most people would never see, like a small lizard hiding under some grass or a super cute dog in the distance.

3. You’re spontaneous

Impulsivity is a large part of having ADHD. While this can be difficult at times (like when you’re studying and have a strong urge to go on a hike up the mountain outside your window), it also makes you a super fun person to hang out with because you keep everyone on their toes and you act on what you want in the moment.

4. You’re extremely creative

Your ability to think outside of the box allows you to come up with ideas that many people might have never thought of!

5. For many (but not all) you’re artistic

When you’re passionate about something, you can put hours of intense focus into it. Your “out of the box” thinking may allow you to push the boundaries in art and create something really rad.

6. You’re compassionate

Having ADHD often makes it more difficult to control emotions. Although this can be a bit of a rollercoaster and confusing sometimes, it may be easier for you to express yourself to others. 

7. You totally rock at specialized jobs

Many people with ADHD excel at “specialized jobs” such as journalism or photography because their work environment requires them to constantly be on the move. If you have any interest in those fields or some that are similar, you should give them a try! 

A lot of the time it can be easy to view ADHD exclusively as an issue in your life. While there are certainly negatives, there are positives and ways that you can channel your mind to work in a very unique and amazing way. There are also medications that can help, and if you think they may don’t be discouraged from consulting your doctor. Keep your head up, keep noticing the “little things”, and conquer today!

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