69 Objects to Bring into your Sex Life

1. Vibrator

You don't need to masturbate to use one, they are also great to use with another person. 

2. Sexy dice

Take a chance on what you will be doing.

3. Harness

Harnesses come in a lot of different styles for different types of fun.

4. Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a good starter toy before moving onto more kinky things.

5. Blindfolds

Not seeing can help heighten your other senses.

6. Riding crop

A little pain never hurt anyone.

7. Nipple clamps

Make nipple play a little bit more intense.

8. Anal beads

If you are ready to go beyond the vanilla, a little anal play can be fun.

9. Butt plug

Butt plugs produce a different feeling than anal beads and can still give you that extra bit of kink you are looking for.

10. Sex swing

It might be fun to get a little extra motion in.

11. Vibrating panties

Who says these are even for sex, just get them for yourself.

12. Coconut oil

This can work as a natural lube to make sex feel more pleasurable.

13. Sexopoly

Board games don't just have to be for family night. Use this fun twist on monopoly to make your date night more interesting.

14. Chocolate

There's never a bad time for chocolate.

15. Costumes

Being yourself can be hard, so be someone else.

16. Rope

There are infinite ways you can tie someone up with rope, get creative with it.

17. Restraints

There are different kinds of restraints, but being held down can definitely add something.

18. Feather teaser

Foreplay is important. Gentle touching from a feather teaser can really stimulate the senses.

19. Flogger

A spanking is fun, but this can make it a little more interesting.

20. Whipped cream

Who doesn't want to lick sugary dairy products off another person's body?

21. Ben wa balls

Leave them in your vagina for a while to get some interesting sensations.

22. Flavored condoms

Safety first. Oral without protection can spread STIs, so make it more fun by adding flavor.

23. Edible panties

Why not a snack before you get eaten out?

24. Grape fruit

If you haven't seen the video, go see the video.

25. Ball gag

Suppress all those moans, it's almost as good as getting choked.

26. Wartenberg Wheel

Tease your partner with some delicate pain.

27. Mask

There are a variety of masks, find one that turns you on.

28. Collar

Maybe you just need an owner to treat you like the pet you are (or vice versa).

29. Spreader bar

If you were having trouble spreading you legs by yourself, maybe you need a little help.

30. Tickler

It might not sound sexy at first, but tickling can be a huge turn on for many.

31. Vibrating nipple clamps

If nipple clamps are too basic for you, take it up a notch.

32. Strap on

The only male G spot is up the ass. Plus who says you have to be the submissive one?

33. Syrup

For when you wanna lick someones body, but you also want pancakes.

34. Sex sling

It keeps your legs in the air so that you don't have to.

35. Shock Therapy kit

This is a little more advanced, but if you like a little bit of pain, try it out.

36. Ice cubes

Changes in temperature can by stimulating and turn you on.

37. Lube

Not enough people use lube. Get it. Use it. Love it.

38. Duct tape

If you want restraints but you don't want to pay for them, duct tape is something you can find laying around the house.

39. Leash

If the collar wasn't enough for you, add a leash.

40. Cherries

They're symbolic in themselves and can be great for seduction. If you can tie a knot in the stem using only your mouth its always a plus.

41. Dildo

Use it alone or with someone else, being penetrated can feel really nice.

42. Hogtie

These really limit movement and can be a fun edition to foreplay.

43. Strawberries

You can eat them during the sex or before, either way they can be very seductive. 

44. Massage oil

Massages are a great form of foreplay.

45. Suction cups

They give an extra sensation to certain areas.

46. Porn

Porn does not have to be taboo or hidden. Find something you're both into and let it turn you on together.

47. Honey

For when you want to lick someone's body but you want a more healthy form of sugar than syrup.

48. Edible lube

Lube is so important, but it can be a lot more fun when it tastes good.

49. Belt

If you want to add a little pain but don't want to spend money on a flogger a belt can do the  trick.

50. Nutella

Nutella is delicious and should be included in all aspects of life, including sex.

51. Edible body paint

Make sex an art project.

52. Twister 

Twister involves a lot of bodily contact, just do it without clothes.

53. Double sided dildo

This can be great for lesbian couples, or even straight couples if the man in your life is looking for some new kinds of stimulation.

54. Two person nipple clamps

Who says only one person gets to use the nipple clamps, clamp yourselves to each other.

55. Another person

A third brings in a whole new dynamic to your sex life.

56. Chair

Who needs a bed? Get a little creative and find ways to make it work from a sitting position.

57. Dental dam

Protection is important, be safe.

58. Internal condom

Same as with dental dams. Find the kind of protection that works best for you and be sure to stay safe.

59. Video camera

Film yourselves, you might like what you see.

60. Mirror

This lets you watch yourselves while your having sex. You basically get to turn yourself on with how sexy you are.

61. Candle wax

If you want to mix temperature with pain this is a good way to go.

62. Kama sutra

If you are having trouble thinking of new positions, read this with your partner and get some ideas.

63. Flashlight

Turn off the lights and see how you feel.

64. Black light paint

Turn off the lights and see what happens. It might be fun to see each other glow in the dark.

65. Slip'n'Slide

For those hot summer days in your backyard when you want to get creative.

66. Champagne

Champagne can add a nice element to your foreplay.

67. Music

Play with sound and find something that turns you on.

68. Kiddie Pool

There are many things you can fill it with to roll around in.

69. Ice cream

This combines both the food aspects and the temperature play that can be enticing.