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6 TV Shows That Unexpectedly Taught Us Everything About Love

There’s definitely a special place we hold in our hearts for the TV couples we never expected to love. They aren’t the reason we started watching the show, but they’re definitely the reason we’ve stayed! Here’s seven of the most popular couples from non-romantic TV shows:

1. The Office

Jim and Pam are proof there’s hope for making it out of the friend zone. Ever since that season 2 finale when Jim laid it all out on the line, we couldn’t stop watching.

2. Parks and Rec

There’s no couple that has shown more about what it means to be completely yourself and to accept others for who they are as much as Leslie and Ben. They support each other without reservation, proving there’s nothing more romantic than being treated as equals.

3. Stranger Things

Mike and Eleven are everything we wish we could have been at their age. They show how unjaded all love should be; even if she’s got a buzz cut, she’s still pretty freaking cool. Plus, just think how cute they would have been at the Snow Ball!

4.  New Girl

Cece and Schmit have been through it all in five seasons and taught us that at the end of the day, you have to trust your instincts.

5 and 6. Friends –  Two Way Tie

There’s a two way tie between Ross and Rachel vs. Chandler and Monica. It’s hard to choose just one that taught us more, because they both did in such different ways. Ross and Rachel’s lesson of passion and leaving nothing for regret is only equaled by Chandler and Monica teaching us to be patient and know the difficult times are worth it in the end.

Honorable Mention: Joey and Phoebe

In their own way, maybe this non-couple taught us something too: there shouldn’t be pressure to date and make something happen if you don’t believe in it yourself. Don’t force it.

Each of these couples prove in their own way that love is alive!


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