6 Things Cal Poly Alumni Insist You Do Before Graduating

As we approach graduation season, you may be thinking that you’re getting everything you can out of your Cal Poly experience! To really make sure you’ve experienced everything that Cal Poly and SLO have to offer, here is a quick list of things that actual Cal Poly alumni insist you do before leaving SLO!

1. Exploring the nearby areas and beaches.

While you probably headed out to Avila at least a couple times to escape the heat and spend some time lounging on the sand over the years, have you ever explored what the areas outside of SLO have to offer? Morro Bay, while a great surfing spot, also has some really great thrift stores and does an adorable farmers market just like SLO! And Avila Beach offers some of the best shaved-ice, maybe even good enough to compete with Hawaii.

2. Making Time for some of the major hikes around SLO.

Going to Cal Poly, you’ve probably done at least one hike, but Cal Poly alumni often insist that you make time to complete some of the major hikes in SLO. One alumni even stated, “I spent a lot of time studying and never got to head out and hike Bishops, which I regret now a lot. It’s just something you need to be able to say you’ve done at least once before leaving.” It doesn’t take very long, and you can say you’ve conquered some really difficult hikes, just make sure you go when it’s not 100 degrees outside.

3. Road tripping to Santa Barbara.

As everyone knows, UCSB and Cal Poly are rivals in sports, but many Cal Poly students often head down to Santa Barbara with friends for events or for weekends away! With SB being a nice afternoon drive away from Cal Poly, alumni often say going to spend a weekend in Santa Barbara is a Cal Poly MUST.

4. Spring Stampede.

Spring Stampede happens once a year in June and is put on by ASI often featuring well-known artists and bands doing a small concert for Cal Poly students! For Spring Stampede 2017, DJ Flosstradamus performed as well as ALT-J and Cheat Codes. As most Cal Poly Alumni would agree, it’s a must at $15 a ticket.

5. Going Line Dancing.

Most schools (in California at least) can’t boost that there’s line dancing offered Thursday and Saturday nights anywhere remotely near them. Many Cal Poly alumni agree that going to the Grad and line dancing at least once is a totally worthwhile experience. And hey, you may even discover your new calling!

6. Going to Home Sports Games.

You only get to be an undergraduate once! Why not get the most of your experience and head out to some home games even if you aren’t a sports fan? It’s always better to be able to look back on something you did, then wish you'd done something that you didn’t.

Cal Poly is a one of a kind college experience, and there are so many great things you can enjoy before you leave. Why not head out and cross somethings off your bucket list before you cross the stage?