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6 Signs You’re Going to Stagecoach

Spring, warmer weather and a new quarter can only mean one thing: festival season is well upon us. Did someone say… Stagecoach?! If you’re one of the lucky ones headed to the desert with your cowboy boots in hand this weekend, you can surely relate to these signs that you’re Stagecoach-bound:


1. All you really listen to is country music now

Dierks Bentley, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, oh my! We know you have a Spotify playlist of practically every single performer at Stagecoach this year, and you listen to it nonstop.

2. You need new outfits but they have to match your cowboy boots

From overall shorts to cute denim vests and flowly dresses, you’ve planned your outfits better than you’ve ever planned your life. Country chic, anyone?

3. You are well in debt

Tickets, shuttle passes, hotels, clothes, your poor bank account. But totally worth it, right? You’re basically paying for a million different concerts in one. 

4. You desperately need a cute cowboy in your life

You’ve secrelty never stopped dreaming about having your very own cowboy after watching the Hannah Montana movie when you were 13. Forget surfer guys and frat boys, it’s time to go country.

5. You really want to debut your line dancing skills

You’ve been practicing at the Grad almost every Thursday night because you obviously need stellar dance moves to go with your new cowboy boyfriend. Maybe it’ll look like you’re in Footloose?

6. You’re so excited Coachella is finally over.

Out of the way, Coachella. It’s time to transform that hipster, abstract desert into a country paradise.

Gabby is a fourth-year Marketing and Statistics student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She's currently the Marketing & PR Director for HCCP, as well as a writer and editor. Her passions include consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee, idealizing her life on Pinterest, and all things breakfast-related.
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