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6 Signs You’re the Basic Girl on Halloween

On Halloween, you encounter a fair amount of different costumes and people, and can often tell a person’s style by what they dress up as. You also tend to encounter a fair amount of “basic” girls, I can say I am one of the basic girls more often than not, and costumes. If you don’t immediately recognize the basic girls on Halloween, you may be one. Here’s how you can tell:

1. When you enter a party, there are at least 10 other girls in the same costume

Whether you’re dressed as a nurse, a kitty-cat or whatever female movie character is popular that year, you can pretty much assume that there will be a group of girls all in the same costume at whichever frat party you wind up at.

2. You DIY’d your costume from the cutest and trendiest YouTube video you could find

From unicorns to luffas, you’ve probably watched a Laur-DIY last minute costume video in hopes of being more creative and saving money by DIY-ing your costume, or scrolling through Pinterest for hours to find the costume that’s the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, before you realize that everyone is going to be a Snapchat dog filter this Halloween.

3. At least once, you’ve been something that was just a dress and animal ears.

In Mean Girls, Cady puts it best, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” While many of us aren’t the hardcore option, even I can say I’ve been a deer for Halloween, a costume that just consisted of: a brown skirt, brown boots, a brown sweater, some antlers and deer face paint.

4. You’ve convinced your reluctant boyfriend/girlfriend to be part of a couple’s costume

You saw a costume for a butterfly and a butterfly catcher or a fire-fighter and a Dalmatian, and you go into full Puppy dog eyes mode to convince your significant other that Halloween will be absolutely TERRIBLE unless you dress up in some kind of cheesy couple costume. You also may or may not have bribed them with food so they’ll participate.

5. You’ve been part of some kind of possibly Disney themed group costume or costumes

You’ve probably gotten five or six of your friends to dress up as Disney Princesses with you, or possibly the Spice Girls if you’re on the more ’90s side of things, which usually ends in matching hair colors to a princess and going from there to find “coordinating” costumes. Personally, I’ve been both Alice In Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty, so I can understand the struggle of getting everyone to match correctly and on-time.

6. Modesty is a less important policy when it comes to Halloween for you.

You spent weeks finding a costume that is the exact balance of sexy and comfortable that you were looking for, which usually consists of some kind of shorts, skirts or a dress, in the heart of the fall season. Even though by the end of the night your feet will always hurt and you’ll be freezing, the costume was worth it… Right?

Whatever you end up being this Halloween, you better rock it with confidence, because you can bet every girl has most likely been the basic girl at least once on Halloween. And trust me, you won’t be alone. I’m going as a baseball player, so you best believe I’ll be freezing my butt off in some short-shorts right along with you!

Avalon Cassard is a second-year Journalism major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She loves french fries, all kinds of music, and anything beach related. She was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California and spent most of her childhood there before moving up to Alameda, a small island in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though she lives up in Northern California now, she still defines herself as a SoCal girl at heart.
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