6 Roles You Can Find in Every Friend Group

In any group of friends, there are a wide variety of personalities present. Some can be dramatic, others reserved and some are just plain crazy. This is totally normal, and actually helps keep things a bit more interesting. Who would want to friends with only people who acted exactly like them? Here are the common roles you can find in any and every friend group.

The Mom

Perhaps the most important role, because without her – let’s be honest one of you would actually be dead. Definitely the voice of reason and the one to thank that everyone got home alive last night. After a night out, this is the friend who put water and Advil next to your bed. She’s the one who makes you realize that going home with that frat guy named Chad or Spencer or whatever probably was not the call.

Catch Phrase: “Are you okay?”

The Serial Dater

Literally always has a guy. Her recovery time from a breakup is probably five seconds, so you have to give her props for rebound ability. Single for a week at max and she’s THAT girl that always suggests a double date.

Catch Phrase: “I want you to meet…”

The Perpetually Single One

Literally doesn’t care at all when people want her attention. Probably hates emotions in general. And don’t be surprised if she is secretly plotting to make everyone else in your group single too.

Catch Phrase: “You can do so much better than him.”

The Party Animal

What are days of the week anyway? If you’re ever feeling down, this is your girl because she always wants to do something fun. She’s also probably the most outspoken in the group. Her lack of a filter is both hilarious and also your worst nightmare. Typically doesn’t read the room before making sex jokes.

Catch Phrase: “Get dressed we’re going out.”

The Gretchen Weiners

She knows all. Every thought you’ve had, good or bad, you’ve definitely shared with her and you literally have no idea why. Hint: it has nothing to do with how well she keeps secrets. She’s probably also the drifter of your friends and has connections with random people. She can’t help it that she’s popular.

Catch Phrase: “I swear I won’t tell anyone.”

The Ditz

This friend takes an additional 30 seconds to understand every joke. She gets there eventually. Not always. Sometimes she says things and your immediate reaction is to face palm. She’s the sweetheart but probably the most naive.

Catch Phrase: “Wait, what?”

So, which one are you?