6 Reasons Why Living in SLO Makes You a Winter Wimp

San Luis Obispo, CA
United States

After having lived in SLO for some time now, I have realized that I and others who live in SLO are wimps when it comes to winter. Here’s some reasons why:

1. Well have you seen the forecast lately? It’s basically summer weather

Excuse me what??? 80’s all week and it’s February! Is winter even a real thing?

2. No snow for miles

The closest places to ski from SLO would be mammoth or Bear Valley which are 4-5 hour drives. And fun fact: SLO hasn’t had a single snowflake since 1922

3. Going to the beach is a year round deal

Making all our hometown friends who go to schools with cold weather jealous every day. It’s pretty rare to be able to go to the beach in January so that’s pretty cool

4. All of your hometown friends are wearing shorts and short sleeves in 60 degree weather and you’re bundled up.

If it’s not 70 degrees or over, it’s basically freezing.

5. When it rains, it’s a big deal

It’s kind of like a phenomenon to us. People freak out and will refuse to go outside to touch the wetness that is precipitating from the sky. While some of us may wish we had more rain, when it does rain most of us are over it in an instant.

6. Basically we just don’t know what real winter is

Which is what makes us residents of SLO winter wimps. With such nice weather year around, it’s no wonder why SLO is known as the “happiest city in America”.

While others who live in colder places may think people who live in SLO are winter wimps. Don’t fret because being a Winter Wimp is a blessing in disguise.