6 Movies You Need to Watch This Quarter

  1. 1. The Hate You Give directed by George Tillman Jr. (2018)

    black lives matter protests

    The Hate You Give is a real life story of modern race problems in America. Watching this will not only yank your heart strings, but it puts you in the shoes of the struggling African American families in the U.S. giving you a new perspective. Although this film came out two years ago, it is especially applicable now with the Black Lives Matter movement and the increased racial tensions in America. The film will inspire you to find your voice and embrace who you are which is especially relevant now as we are all becoming independent and will be voting in this next election.

  2. 2. The Aristocats directed by Wolfgang Reitherman (1970)

    fluffy cat

    Take a trip down memory lane to simple times by watching the Aristocats. A tuneful track and cuddly kittens are sure to scare away the COVID chaos for an hour and nineteen minutes. A great way to destress during the craziness of not only your first quarter, but also a pandemic. 

  3. 3. Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho (2019)

    money money

    Take a step back from the traditional movie type and watch the thought provoking film Parasite. The film itself is art taking a bit from every genre making it unique and a ride like no other while still being socially relevant. A must see now, as it has already become a classic only half a year later.

  4. 4. A Simple Favor directed by Paul Feig (2018)

    person holding a remote control pointed at TV streaming netflix

    A simple favor has a little bit for everyone in your friend group: power, drama, humor, mystery and nerves. A murder mystery and Martha Stwert inspired plot brings for endless plot twists and turns and unexpected outcomes. The characters are all gorgeous and their acting is impeccable which brings the story to life. This movie is perfect for a zoom movie night!

  5. 5. I, Tonya directed by Craig Gillespie (2018)

    group of people ice skating

    I Tonya, is a look back at one of the most infamous incidents in sports. It not only tells the story of Tonya Harding, but the structure of the film highlights multiple different perspectives of the incident and makes you come to your own conclusions about who was right and who was in the wrong. This film will help you in taking multiple perspectives and see issues in a whole new light. 

  6. 6. Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi (2019)

    Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit will be the unfunniest comedy you will ever watch. It's a  true coming of age story for a young german boy and his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler. This movie will make you feel uncomfortable for laughing, and also will make you ugly cry. In a world of chaos, this chaotic film is a must see.