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6 Easy and Affordable dishes you should add to your Friendsgiving menu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Looking to spruce up your Friendsgiving feast without draining your bank account? Consider these 6 easy and affordable dishes you can make to elevate your holiday menu. 

Recipe number 1: Dorm-Friendly Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious side dish of mashed potatoes? Luckily they can be super easy to make from the comfort of your college dorm! The Kitchn provides us with a delectable recipe for super simple mashed potatoes that you can make in the microwave! Better yet, this recipe only takes 30 minutes to make! Steam some cauliflower to mix into the potatoes and add some extra health benefits to the meal. You can make these potatoes for your Friendsgiving meal or even around the year when you are craving some good, easy mashed potatoes. 

Recipe number 2: Butternut Squash Soup

Who doesn’t love a delicious soup to add to the Friendsgiving menu? This 4.7 star recipe from allrecipes is a delicious way to start out your Friendsgiving meal. With under 10 ingredients, this is a super easy and affordable meal to spruce up your Friendsgiving feast.  

Recipe number 3: Tofurky Roast 

Don’t let the fact that you are vegetarian ruin your Friendsgiving fun! You can still enjoy delicious meatless tofurky roast! The Full Helping has a super simple tofu turkey recipe that everyone can enjoy! Better yet, it takes under an hour and a half to make!

Recipe number 4: Frosted Sugar Cookies 

Friendsgiving isn’t just about eating with your friends, it’s also about having a fun time making the food. Try these frosted sugar cookies from Life Made Sweeter with your friends and decorate them however you want! Get creative, have fun, and enjoy!

Recipe number 5: Super Simple Thanksgiving Turkey

You can’t have a proper Friendsgiving without a turkey, but most turkeys take a lot of effort to make. Not this one! Make this recipe Food Network has for the worlds’ simplest Thanksgiving turkey! Although it does take 3 hours, the prep takes only 10 minutes, so the majority of the cooking time is the turkey being in the oven! you can season and stuff the turkey however you and your friends would like! 

Recipe number 6: Pumpkin Pie

A good Friendsgiving can’t be complete without a delicious pumpkin pie to end the night. Allrecipes gives us a 5 ingredient pumpkin pie recipe that only takes an hour to make! Easy, affordable, and a perfect way to end a super fun Friendsgiving feast!

Some of my personal favorite Friendsgiving recipes include mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows), and a lentil frittata for a vegetarian option. All delicious, affordable, and festive meals to enjoy with your friends!

Gabi Blecher

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