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50 Thoughts You Have During Class With Your Crush

There are very few certainties in life, but there are some things we can always count on: death, taxes, and… developing a crush on the cute guy you sit next to in class. Whether he’s an Aaron Samuels or a Kevin G., you’ll be stuttering like Cady Heron in math class in no time. 

  1. My crush isn’t that bad.
  2. I totally have this under control.
  3. I mean, I only Facebook stalked him like three times yesterday.
  4. I bet he doesn’t even look that cute today.
  5. He’s pretty average, actually.
  6. I wonder when he’s getting to class?
  7. Oh. My. God.
  8. No.
  9. I was so wrong – he’s gorgeous.
  10. Why did I ever doubt my taste in guys?
  11. Is this how Cady Heron felt about Aaron Samuels?
  12. Why does he look so cute today?
  13. I mean, he’s fine.
  14. But…
  15. That smirk.
  16. And those eyes.
  17. His hair looks like he just woke up… And it’s still perfect.
  18. Holy crap, what’s wrong with me?
  19. Do I ever think of anything other than guys?
  20. No… The answer is definitely no.
  21. He’s not even my type.
  22. Why does he smell good?
  23. There’s really no reason why he should.
  24. He’s probably been walking around all day and hasn’t taken a shower since last night.
  26. Oh god.
  27. Move away.
  28. Control yourself, girl.
  29. Okay cool, just focus on taking notes.
  30. You’re here for an education, dammit.
  31. Just focus, don’t look over… don’t look over… don’t look over…
  32. Wow you’re doing so well…
  33. Let’s get an A in this class!
  34. You got this!
  35. Do do dooo do do dooo taking notes yeahhhh do do doooo
  36. Wait.
  37. Do I even understand any of this? What problem are we on?
  38. Shit, what chapter are we on?
  39. I’m completely lost, but at least my handwriting is nice.
  40. I really need to stop focusing on guys; my grades are hurting.
  41. Wait.
  42. Did he just nudge me?
  44. It’s like we share some kind of inside joke.
  45. I mean, we’re practically married now, right?
  46. Oh my lanta, get it together, girl.
  47. You should move seats next time and actually pay attention.
  48. Well, it would kind of throw off the unspoken seating chart everyone has already picked out…
  49. And I shouldn’t derail the entire class because of my own selfish needs, right?
  50. Maybe I’ll just get better grades next quarter…
Nikki is a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where her parents think she's on track to graduate early with degrees in both Finance and French. She is -- kind of -- but she currently functions under the delusion that graduation, much like the limit, does not actually exist. In wake of this recent quarter-life crisis, Nikki plans to live out her final days as an undergrad nursing her giant ego, making Mean Girls references, and advocating for the continued use of the Oxford comma. She prefers her dog and s'mores Poptarts over most things, and survives on a delicate combination of iced coffee and cookie dough. In her free time, Nikki enjoys binge watching Modern Family, embarrassing herself in front of cute boys, and making empty promises to go to the gym. Hate mail and Mindy Kaling gifs can be tweeted to her anytime at @nikkikontiki.
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