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If you haven’t have the time to read the 50 Shades of Grey series yet, you’re in luck. The final installment to the series, 50 shades Freed, is was released on Saturday, February 9, and  Just in time for Valentines day, Dakota Johnson (Anna Grey) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) took the screen to wrap up the twisted love story of a normal college graduate and an entrepreneur CEO with a dark side. Whether you watched the movies, read the books, or both, here are some reactions to the official 50 Shades Freed Trailer.

1. Seattle Skyline, of course.

2. “Wife..?” That sounded creepy…Just me? 

3. Oh sh*t, they’re married now?

4. Aww…that’s a pretty dress

5. Damn! Christian’s looking good in a tux.

6. He’s so cute!

7. Why is her voice so sexy in the morning?

8. A private JET?

9. Red carpet and everything, Christian’s going all out and I’m not surprised.

10. Where can I find my Christian Grey? Minus the punishment kink.

11. Chandeliers, water skiing, and swimming in exotic waters… we get it, you’re rich.

12. Damn Christian, can I have your ab workout routine?

13. The seductive looking over your sunglasses, okay Anna, I see you.

14. More exotic places..

15. Sexyyy bubble bath.

16. Christian’s on his knees now.

17. Her reactions seem wayy overdone.

18. Did Anna hurt her neck throwing her head back like that? Did she need a stunt double for this?

19. Champagne on the private jet AGAIN…Anna really hit the Jackpot

20. Anna has her own office now?

21. Oh okay I get it, she’s promoted.

22. How is she an editor a year out of college?

23. Okay fancy car, product placement.

24. You bought a house without asking her first?

25. Oh wow of course she loves it. Who wouldn’t love a horse as a gift?

26. He’s really demanding… I bought you a house. Get in my car.

27. Okay but he bought her a house that’s pretty sweet.

28. Is it just me or is that house kinda rundown?

29. That architect, Gia Matteo, is suspicious.

30. That look Gia gave Christian when she kissed him on the cheek.

31. Omg Anna’s face at 0:57, the annoyance, I love it.

32. Gia’s gasp when Anna tells her off.

33. Damn Anna you tell her who’s boss!

34. You may call me Mrs. Grey.. ;)

35. Two words, back muscles.

36. Christian grew a beard now? 

37. The clean shave looks much better.

38. Anna is sassy again.

39. That wink though ;)

40. Damn they’re getting followed, drive Anna drive!

41. Fast and Furious 9 anyone?

42. Oh shit Jack’s back!

43. Yes sir? Oh hell no!

44. What is even happening right now?

45. Christian cheated???

46. Christian gets in a fight.. so are they still together?

47. Anna has a gun? 

48. Now Christina has a gun?

49. Is Anna getting killed?

50. I’m so confused.

The trailer leaves audiences wondering if Anna and Christian’s love will survive. To find out the fate of Anna and Christian’s love story make sure you check it out in theaters ASAP. 

If you’d like to view the trailer yourself, click here.

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