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5 Ways to Refocus Your Life for Spring Quarter

With one quarter left in the school year, most people want to go out with a bang. Spring quarter brings new classes, new weather and now a new you! Here are a few things you can do to bring your best self into the new quarter.

1. Create a vision/inspiration board

Let’s get crafty! Find magazines and pictures of things that inspire you, and pin, glue or tape them to a corkboard or poster. You can include pictures of future job prospects, people that inspire you or inspirational quotes. Being able to see your short term and long term goals on a daily basis will help remind you to work hard everyday.

2. Organize!

There’s nothing like that feeling after you clear out all your junk from the past two quarters. Throw out any old paperwork you don’t want to keep (I suggest a bonfire celebrating all the hard work you did last quarter) and reorganize your desk space for an academic fresh start.

Clean out your closet! If you’re going home for Spring Break, take your chunky sweaters and heavy jackets with you. You won’t need them when you’re “studying” on the beach.

 3. Take a fashion risk

Dye your hair pink. Try a new makeup look. You know that hair cut you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest all month? Do it. Just do it. The beginning of spring quarter is a chance to refresh your style and try something new.         

4. Plan it out

Finally. This is the chance to ACTUALLY get your s*** together. Buy a planner, a calendar (or in my case both), whatever you need to keep your life on track. Writing down all of your responsibilities in one place will keep you focused on your short-term and long-term assignments and goals.         

5. Take a hike

There are so many cool places to hike around SLO, and you should definitely take advantage of that. Whenever you need to take a break and start fresh, a hike and a new perspective is the best way to do it. Between the P, Bishops, Madonna and other hiking trails, you can find a place to hike that is the right level for you.


Spring quarter is probably the best quarter of the school year, but it’s also the last. It’s a chance to end the year with a bang and as the best possible version of yourself that you can be. So make the most of it, because the flowers are blooming and the beaches are waiting!

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