5 Ways to Invent Your Personal Style

What you wear says a lot about you and your personality! Your style is one of the first impressions new people have of you, so it should represent you. Sometimes finding your own unique style can be a little intimidating and hard to determine, so here are some tips to develop your own, unique style that best fits you!

  1. 1. Inspiration

    Having an inspiration can be super helpful when you begin redeveloping your wardrobe. You have a style to give and take from and add your own unique flair to. You can even look at Pinterest to find out who and what your inspiration is. Pinterest is a great way to find your style inspiration because there are so many options. Pinterest is very inclusive when it comes to clothing and recommendations for shops. If that really is not your type of gig though, stylish models, actors, or even people you know personally can give you some motivation for your style.

  2. 2. Determine What Colors Look Best on You

    Having a color scheme is a hallmark for stylish people. They determine this through factors like skin color (skin undertones), hair, and eyes. Ask your friends and family, or look in the mirror to find out what color palette looks best on you, and start filling up your closet with your color scheme. While determining this color scheme, you may also want to take pastels vs. brighter pieces of color into consideration. 

  3. 3. Take Pictures of Your Outfits

    Disposable camera

    Taking pictures of your outfits will help you remember what pieces you put together and what style you like! Whether you are out with your friends or going out solo, it can be helpful to snap a pic really quick of your cute outfit to reference back to it and style future outfits.

  4. 4. Find Your Signature Pieces

    blue shelf with a pair of shoes on it

    Signature pieces of clothing are signatures for a reason: they look the best on you, you feel the most confident in them, and they are your favorite! Having your favorite signature outfits or items of clothing/accessories will help you determine how you want to buy and style future clothes. When you wear a favorite piece you can ask yourself what you love about it and why. Whatever the answer(s) may be, you can pick out the parts of it you really like and explore more outfits with that same tone or vibe.

  5. 5. Stay Authentic

    This style should reflect you and you only. Not what society or your school thinks is appropriate or trendy to wear, it should be what is true to you and your identity. Always trust your intuition and wear the pieces that make you feel the most confident and like yourself. If that is being trendy that is okay too! It just needs to be true to you. Confidence is key to making an outfit pop, and chances are you will feel a lot more confident while wearing something that has your vibe to it.