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5 Ways to Find Out If You’re More of a Leslie Knope or an April Ludgate

Do you binge watch Netflix shows like The Office and Parks and Rec? Do you find yourself constantly relating situations in a night out with friends to a scene from Parks and Rec? Here’s how to figure out whether you’re more of a Leslie Knope or an April Ludgate:

What’s your favorite holiday?

If you answered Christmas, you are notorious for your holiday cheer. You are most likely to have at least two trendy holiday sweaters in your closet at all times.

If you answered Halloween and absolutely love everything creepy and gory, you are absolutely an April.

How do you describe a fun-filled Friday night?

If you’re a Leslie, you love either staying in to totally crush your homework due on Monday or being out getting food and socializing with your friends.

If you’re an April, your idea of a night of fun involves sitting at home watching Netflix and eating pizza until you pass out. You like people sometimes, but most of the time they totally suck–and you’d never stay in to work. You jump at opportunities to do completely nothing.

How do you react to exciting news from your friends?

If you’re a Leslie, shocking news from your friends causes your system to go into complete overdrive.

If you’re an April, you maintain a chill response because you’re so observant you already know EXACTLY what’s going on.

If you’re a feminist, how do you react to sexist comments made towards you?

If you’re a Leslie, you fight sexism by having a powerful leadership role.

If you’re an April, you fight sexism with extreme sarcasm that stings.

You’re an EXTREMELY loyal friend.

Leslie, hands out compliments like candy while April is more selective. But when you love someone, they don’t doubt it for a second, even if you’re sarcastic like April.

Who did you end up being more like? If you aren’t a April or a Leslie, don’t worry because you’re probably a Tom or an Ann…or a Jerry. No one wants to be a Jerry.

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