5 Ways to Change Your Hairstyle Without the Commitment

Every girl has been there, we want a big change but fear doing anything remotely permanent to our hair. We can’t all be those brave girls on Youtube who bleach and cut their own hair, but that shouldn’t stop us from finding our own ways to change up our hair style.

If you’re second-guessing that big chop or drastic dye job, try these five easy commitment-free styles.

  1. 1. Faux Bangs

    Getting a bad set of bangs is enough to scare anyone. Instead, pull your hair up into a top knot and use the ends to mimic the chic effect of sweeping bangs. If your hair isn’t long enough for that, clip-in bangs are also an option. These are available at any beauty supply store or online for under $10. 

  2. 2. Wash-Out Color

    Vibrant colors require can require a lot of time, money, and upkeep. But temporary options like wash-out hair colors let you play with color without the commitment. Many of these, such as Loreal’s Colorista Wash Out Color, come out within 5-7 washes. If you want to change up your color even more, hair chalks come out in 1-2 washes.

  3. 3. Tucked-in Bob

    Bobs are fun, easy styles, but they can seem like a daunting change if you have long hair. Luckily,with a few bobby pins and a hair tie, it's possible to create the illusion of a bob without using scissors on your hair.

  4. 4. Side Braids

    Upgrade your braids by adding some texture, pull out some face-framing pieces and make it look effortlessly chic. This is great for when you’re in between washes or you’re making the previous day’s look last another day.

  5. 5. Clip-in Extensions

    Adding clip-in extensions is a good way to add volume, or you can dye your extensions and have fun colors peek through your natural hair. These are easily available at beauty supply stores such as Sally’s, or online through Amazon with prices starting at $8.99 for packs of small section extensions. 

As a society, we attribute a lot of meaning to our hair. Whether it's a security blanket, a confidence-booster or a means of self-expression, at the end of the day hair means a lot. For those that don’t want to deal with making a huge change, there’s always ways to upgrade your look and stay within your comfort zone.

Remember, playing with your hairstyle is a creative way to express yourself, so have fun with it!