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5 Valentine’s Day Video Chat Dates Every Long-Distance Relationship Needs to Try

Valentine’s Day can be a huge let down for single ladies. Even if you're single, you can still participate in a wonderful "Galentine’s day" with your fellow single girlfriends and treat yo selves. What about those that are in long distance relationships? Yes, you can still get together with your girls, but by February 14, all you want is to be your special someone. Sadly, automatic teleportation is not available to help you out, but these date ideas are a good start.

1. FaceTime Flicks

Take your routine FaceTime chats up a notch by simultaneously watching a movie. Grab your fuzzy blankets and a big pillow, and cuddle up with your laptop as if you were together. Rent a movie or get on Netflix, pop some popcorn and lay back. It'll feel like you're still laughing, crying, and gasping in person at the movies.

2. Sunrise Morning Call

Scheduling can be very difficult in a long distance relationship, and this is a simple and easy date to do. You can both try to wake up early and not only will you get to be the first voice you each get to hear in the morning—which let's face it, is hard to do in a long-distance relationship—and go watch the sunrise together. If you're lucky, the sky will look beautiful and it'll give both of you a simple treasured moment to look back on. Long-distance is hard to balance in a busy college student's life, but watching the sunrise together takes only a few minutes and it'll be the best start to your Valentine's Day.

3. Mail a Package to Show You Care

It's hard to go all out when you're hundreds of miles away, but if you and your Valentine are up for it, this is sure to amp up your day. Instead of sending an elaborate present to each other, you can even send a care package.You can put snacks, hand make a gift or even throw in a sweatshirt with your scent on it. Whatever you decide to put in the care package is sure to brighten your loved one's day. Bonus tip: FaceTime each other while you're opening up the packages so you still get to see their reaction!

4. Art Night

Dedicate part of your night together and get crafty together! Draw or paint something that you've seen recently that reminds you of your significant other, or better yet, draw or paint your significant other. This can be easily done over FaceTime too, and will literally add some color to your conversation. At the end, show each other your new masterpiece and get a good laugh at what may or may not be a perfect illustration.

5. Bon App-etite!

Take advantage of Uber Eats, Door Dash, Postmates, or any other food service app and send some food your Valentine's way. Order the same type of take-out food, and eat together while FaceTiming. If you have the time, you might even consider trying to cook the same recipe over the phone and attempt to make a meal together. Spice up your dinner date by lighting a candle, or play a candlelight video for those of you still in dorms. To make it even fancier, you can dress up and eat with a napkin tied around your neck.

Long-distance relationships are hard, and going on dates while doing long-distance is practically impossible. When Valentine's Day comes around, it just makes you feel lonelier and more longing for your special someone to be there. However, just because your Valentine can't be there with you on February 14 doesn't mean you two can't find a way to do a little something special together. Hopefully one of these  ideas inspires you to make the best of your Valentine's Day. Besides, you lovebirds deserve it.

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