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5 Tips to Survive Spring Quarter

Here at Cal Poly we’re on the quarter system, which means we don’t start school until September! Yay! But that also means we don’t get out of school until June. And if you have a lot of semester school friends, you might understand how hard it is to stay motivated when all of your friends are soaking up the sun with no midterms to worry about. Do not fret, though, I come bearing advice on how to get through Spring Quarter when everyone else is done with lectures and labs.


1.    Take Breaks

Just because you’re still in classes doesn’t mean you can’t take some time off. Don’t have Friday classes? Hit up the rec with your best friends and work on your tan. Go on a hike to Bishop’s to relieve some stress. It’s important not to overload yourself, which means breaks are essential.


2. Study out of the Library

The quarter will seem never ending if you coop yourself up in the library everyday. Take advantage of SLO’s weather and take your studies outside! Or head downtown to one of the many coffee shops to get on the grind (Linnaea’s is always a good choice; their back patio is adorable!). Being outside will help you feel as though you’re not drowning in schoolwork.

3. Take Advantage of SLO

The best way to motivate yourself, even when your friends are celebrating the summer freedom, is to remember that San Luis Obispo is the perfect town, with beaches and hikes and sunny days galore. Your friends are posting pictures in their backyard pool? Send them a pic of you lounging in Avila, and while you’re there bring your textbook! Killing two birds with one stone is always good.


4. Set Goals, and Rewards

Setting goals is a great way to get things done, but it can be hard to follow through with them sometimes, which is why rewards are a great thing. For example, set a goal to finish the first draft of your essay by next Tuesday. If you meet that goal, go to Doc Burnsteins for some amazing ice cream. The rewards will give you incentive to get things done in a timely matter.


5. Make a Countdown

Everyday we get closer to Summer Break, and sometimes the only way to stay motivated is to see the countdown for how many days left dwindle down to zero. Whether you write it in your planner or keep track on your fridge, have it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. The constant reminder that the amount of days until all obligations go away is consistently going down will help you make it through.

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