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5 Tips for Rocking Your Next Interview

The job description sounds perfect—or you just really need a job. Either way, the only thing that stands between you and that regular paycheck is the job interview. While it’s totally normal to be stressed about the prospect of convincing total strangers that they (errr, the company)  needs you in their life, we’ve got five tips that will definitely get you the job.

1. Do Your Homework

Take a few minutes before the interview to research what the company does. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that go into interviews having no idea of what they’re even interviewing for. Having a solid background about the company will prepare you to answer possible questions they may ask you, and knowing that you prepared ahead of time will put your nerves at ease!

2. Dress to Impress

It might sound superficial, but an applicant that shows up to the interview with wrinkled clothes, an ill-fitting blazer and messy hair will probably be overlooked. Take extra time before the interview to carefully pick out a professional-looking outfit. (Some links at the bottom are some helpful websites that demonstrate what you should and shouldn’t wear.) Add finishing touches to your look: straighten your hair if it’s unruly, or throw on a belt that pulls it all together.

3. Perfect Your Handshake

As minor as it may seem, starting off strong can only help you with the rest of the interview. Have a firm yet graceful handshake and make eye contact when you’re first meeting the interviewer. If you’re seated while waiting for his or her arrival, stand up as he or she enters the room to greet him or her. If you show that you have confidence in yourself, the interviewer is more likely to trust that you know your stuff. 

4. Ask Questions

This is where doing your research will benefit you. If the company’s website has explanations of their various positions, bring up what you’ve read during the interview. It shows just how serious you are about that job, and in turn you get to learn more about what that job entails so that if you do get an offer, you can decide if it’s right for you.

5. Tread Carefully

Don’t discuss your personal life or anything negative about a previous job or boss. You never know who knows whom, and if you badmouth another company, the interviewer might assume that you will turn around and speak the same way about this company. Maintaining professionalism throughout the interview is key. 


Do these five things, collegiettes, and you’re on your way to walking out of that door with a job offer. Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor!