5 Times We Wanted to be Emma Watson's BFF

From slaying the red carpet to giving us a magical childhood with the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson is owning the game. Her activism has inspired education about feminism and empowerment. Here are the top five moments when we wished we could be Emma Watson’s BFF.

1.  During THAT United Nations speech in 2017

Her speech centered on breaking down the stereotype that feminism was linked to only empowering women, and instead was about striving for equality for men and women. This event was a launching pad for the HeForShe campaign, calling on men to join the feminist movement and add their voices.

2.  When she talked about Beauty and the Beast while playing with kittens

Thanks to Buzzfeed, Emma Watson shared memories of working on the live action Beauty and the Beast, talked about her love for Belle and Hermione and imparted words of wisdom, all while playing with kittens. She described filming a scene for Beauty and the Beast where the cast did a conga line around a ballroom, then explained how she thinks Belle’s life would be after the credits roll (spoiler: she would open a library and school for the whole town).

3. Inviting the world to join her book club, Our Shared Shelf

Emma Watson confirmed our belief that she is a real-life Hermione when she created a feminist book club. Open to the public, everyone can join and see what book Emma picks for the month, and the blog encourages discussion about topics found in books. Icons such as Gloria Steinem and bell hooks are represented on the list, and with each book comes a new opportunity to learn about the history, future, and importance of feminism.

4. Her sustainable fashion choices on The Press Tour account

While promoting Beauty and the Beast around the world this year, Emma created an Instagram account that showcased her fashion for the red carpet and interviews, all while featuring eco-friendly and sustainable brands. In Paris, she wore a Louis Vuitton dress made out of plastic bottles; where can we buy that dress?

5. Just the fact that she has inspired millions by her roles as Hermione and Belle

Emma Watson showed that being a smart woman with a love of books was not something to be ashamed of, due to her years portraying Hermione on the silver screen. In her latest role as Belle, she seems like an adult Hermione, albeit Muggle, with a passion for learning and empowerment.

So Emma, when are we going on our next BFF date?