5 Things You Need to Do to Pass All Your Classes This Quarter

We’re all here to have the best quarter possible and learn what works for each of us. Passing classes is an essential, but not always easy task. As long as you have the right tools and tactics, you can have a pretty breezy spring quarter!

1. Utilize Your Resources

Professors are teaching your class for a reason, they know what they’re talking about. Head out to office hours at least once! Keep a running list of questions that pop into your head during class and stop by office hours to get them answered. Plus, it allows your professor to get to know you a bit and they tend to go a bit easier on your assignments if they know you’re really trying!

2. Form a Study Group

Go out of your way to make some friends in your classes and form a study group! It’ll come in super handy when you’re trying to cram for the final, having people to bounce ideas off of and people who may be able to give you some clarity about a subject can be super helpful.


I really can’t stress how important it is to go check in with your advisor during the quarter. If you’re worried about failing a class or stressing about what classes you’re going to have to take in the future, your advisor has the answer. They can help you move confidently through your quarter and finish on top.

4. Find a Great Study Spot or Spots.

Personally, I’m pretty incapable of being productive in my apartment. I share the space with 5 other girls, so there’s always something to distract me. Finding a good spot that you may not normally go to allows you to really focus and get stuff done when you need to. Even create a small list of places both on and off campus so you have some options if you need a change of scenery every now and then.

5. Prioritize and Plan.

It’s impossible to pass a class if you let it fall to the back burner and you forget about upcoming assignments because you had more fun things to focus on. Prioritizing even your most hated classes allows you to really enjoy your free time. If you know your friends 21st birthday bar crawl is happening on Saturday, get everything done that you can in advance, so you don’t wake up slammed with work on Sunday, even if that means missing a lunch date or two. Keeping a planner is essential to keep yourself accountable and on top of your work!

Ultimately finding what works for you and allows you to really get into a good grove is essential to have an amazing and smooth quarter. If you have a little extra time and want a stress reliever, maybe take a class at the craft center. Or if you know you can’t stay focused alone, grab a friend and head to scout and get some work done.