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5 Things to do in SLO (During a Pandemic)

We’re back baby! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the streets are filled with lively college kids. Although it’s exciting to be back in SLO, the circumstances are a little different. With COVID-19 playing a role in everyone’s college experience, it’s time to be creative and make your own fun. This quick list highlights 5 entertaining things to do in SLO during this pandemic. 


Host a wine tasting (21 and older only)

The necessities: cheap wine, fun glasses, fancy cheese and great company. It is so simple & easy and makes for quite the delightful afternoon! Set up your wine by separating whites, reds, and rosés and arrange a tasty charcuterie board made up of your favorite food pairings (cheese, salami, almonds, grapes, etc.). Next, give each person a piece of paper labeled with the categories: type, smell, taste, score. After each taste, fill out the paper with your opinions and then onto the next bottle. To really go all out… dress-up and spend the day outside! It will make the experience much more authentic.

Make your own pizza night

Dough? Check. Sauce? Check. Toppings? Check. And you are ready to go. Make-your-own pizza night is a great way to stay at home while enjoying the cooking with your roomies. Have each person roll and form their dough and bake it in the oven. After that add your sauce and creative toppings and have a pizza party. Don’t forget to play some traditional Italian music in the background to really set the mood.

Campfire at Montaña de Oro State Park

This is a MUST before it gets too cold. Enjoy the beautiful ocean and soft sand at Montaña de Oro State Park. All you need to bring is your buds, fire-wood, a lighter, blankets and the s’mores fixins’. Head to MDO right before sunset and enjoy the ocean breeze and the sound of soothing waves. Right before the sun starts to set, get your fire going and whip out skewers for the marshmallows. Nothing beats a sky full of stars while being with good company. The most important thing is to put out your fire before you leave. #protect #our #beaches

Painting day

There is nothing more soothing than painting outside on a warm day. What is so great about this activity is you don’t need much — paint, brushes, and something to paint on. Grab a canvas (or some rocks from outside!!) and spend time expressing yourself through art and colors. When it comes to painting, there are no guidelines and no mistakes.

Picnic! Picnic! Picnic!

A lovely way to spend an afternoon is by buying some tasty treats and staring out from a scenic look-out spot. Head to the store and buy your favorite snacks & drinks and set it all up at a gorgeous spot. Enjoy your friends, views, and conversations while munching on something scrumptious. Some fun places to picnic are Terrace Hill, Shell Beach, and Prefumo Canyon.

It’s unnatural to be in your college town and feel so restricted compared to past years. It is important to stay safe and smart during COVID-19 and the best way to do that is by making your own fun. It can be easy and inexpensive, but most of all —  it makes for some pretty special memories.

Megan O'Grady

Cal Poly '21

Megan O’Grady is a fourth year Child Development major with a Psychology minor. She’s a sucker for astrology, sex + relationships, and deep talks. When Megan is not writing for Her Campus, she’s most likely dancing, watching music videos, or thinking about Harry Styles.
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