5 Signs Your Mind is Still On Spring Break

Spring Break might have ended almost five weeks ago, but some people have a suuuper hard time reverting their minds back to "study-mode". If this sounds like you, your mind still might be operating on Spring Break mode. Here are some signs that you can't get it out of your system:

1. You’ve still haven’t mastered your class schedule

You have a class at 7 a.m. and holy crap where is building 187? Do we even have a building 187?

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2. You still wake up in a calm, put-together manner

Waking up doesn’t completely suck yet, mostly because you haven’t realized you’re already five minutes late to your 10 a.m. class. You might even still have time to put on a cute and coordinated outfit, and have your hair and makeup look club-ready. 

3. You still have time to eat breakfast

You haven't had to stay up until 3 a.m. yet, so you're still able to meet your friends at the Ave before you head to class.

4. You’re dreaming of Summer Break

It’s only six weeks until summer break!

5. You’ve completely forgotten it’s week five

WHAT?! Are you sure? Week 5 means midterms, stress, midterms, and...more midterms. 

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