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When we think of romance, often what comes to mind is dating, relationships, and showing someone how much you care for them– but what if that person was you? Romantic gestures don’t have to be for another person; you can also practice them on yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of life and giving others your affection when sometimes the person who needs your love the most is you. Whether you’re single, in a long-term relationship, or somewhere in between, you can always practice self-love. Listed below are five romantic acts of love to try for yourself. 

1. Write Notes to Your Future Self

Whether it’s a five-page love letter or five words of encouragement, writing notes for your future self to read can be an incredible act of self-love. Sometimes just a simple sticky note of self-love affirmations can change the direction of your day. Try leaving yourself small notes in places you’ll know you look at often such as your computer, mirror, and car. Your “note to self” can be something you love about yourself, words of comfort, or positive affirmations. 

2. Buy Yourself Flowers

Flowers are a universal symbol of showing someone you care for them and are thinking of them, and who says that person can’t be yourself? Buy yourself a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers and place them somewhere in your room. Flowers will brighten up both your living space and mentality. Think of the flowers as a reminder of how much you care for yourself. 

3. Take Yourself on a Date

Dates don’t have to be reserved for romantic partners, and taking yourself on a date can be a great way to take the time to treat yourself. You could take yourself out to a nice dinner or spend the day doing things that you love. Although the thought of solo outings may feel intimidating, there can be a lot of comfort found in solidarity, and it can be a courageous act of self-love. Taking time out of your day to spend with yourself is an important part of getting to know yourself and learning that you are enough to make yourself feel loved. 

4. Dress in Your Most Gorgeous Outfit

You should always dress for yourself, but dressing up for yourself can also be a great act of self-love. Pick a day or night to wear something in your closet that you’ve always wanted to show off and that makes you feel confident. When you feel good about yourself, this can boost your happiness and overall feelings of self-love. 

5. Make Yourself a Piece of Artwork

It’s always heart-warming receiving homemade gifts from others, and who says that you can’t make yourself gifts too? Making yourself a piece of artwork is a romantic gesture that will be rewarding throughout the entire process. Creating can be very therapeutic, and making yourself something that you can display will make you feel proud and accomplished. Paintings, collages, and mood boards are all great creative activities to try making for yourself and let self-love be an inspiration for you. 

Loving yourself should never make you feel selfish; it should make you feel empowered. Learning and practicing self-love can shift your whole mentality, so take baby steps, like trying these romantic acts, to get there because the end result is always worth it.

Gillian is a third-year at Cal Poly SLO. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development. Gillian is an editor and writer for Cal Poly Her Campus this year. She enjoys writing about sustainable fashion, social media trends, and activism. Even though she is planning a career in psychology, she loves being a part of Her Campus because it allows her to have a creative outlet and continue her passion for writing.
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