5 Relaxing Albums for Finals Week

Well, that time of the quarter has arrived yet again: a time for chugging three Yerba Mates in one sitting, a time for wearing the same pair of leggings consecutively for one whole week and a time for trying to keep calm in the midst of academic chaos. You guessed it, finals week is upon us. And to keep your mind just a little more calm, here are five albums that are worth a good listen:



From Michigan With Love: Quinn XCII

From a new and upcoming artist, Quinn XCII’s most recent album is a balanced mix of calm beats with relatable messages. His thoughts on relationships will give you “feels” while simultaneously taking your mind off of stressful finals. Try out this album if you want a calm, yet mindful music experience.



Suncity: Khalid

It’s the boy you all know and love: Khalid is back at it yet again with Suncity, an album slightly different than American Teen. Keeping the same chill vibes as before, Khalid now draws from the inspiration of his hometown: El Paso, Texas. Listen to this album if you are feeling nostalgic this finals week.



War & Leisure: Miguel

With a voice from the heavens, Miguel’s smooth vocals on War & Leisure will surely put you in a good mood this finals season. No only does he collab with other popular artists such as J.Cole and Travis Scott, but he also incorporates funky beats that can give you a nice break from the stress of finals. Sit back, relax, and take a trip into relaxation with our good friend Miguel.



Translations Through Speakers: Jon Bellion

An underground gem of an artist, Jon Bellion brings us a mix of rap, pop, and indie in this chillaxing album. If you’re looking for relatable and interesting lyrics, then this album is what you’ve been waiting for. Take a nice mind break with Jon Bellion’s stories of life and childhood that all of us can relate to.



Vertigo: Eden

Eden, another upcoming artist, provides music listeners everywhere with somber songs in his most recent album. Take another trip into the “feels” while delving into Eden’s experiences with love and loss; and take another mind break while you’re at it.


In total, these five albums can surely bring your stress levels down a few notches this busy finals week. Remember to give yourself a chance to relax, despite how busy finals can be; your mind and body will definitely thank you in the long run.