5 Reasons Why Scrunchies Should Be Your Staple Spring Accessory

The flowers are blooming and the sun is finally out of hibernation — spring has sprung. As you break out your shorts, skirts and sundresses, you can add pops of color to your outfit with the perfect spring accessory: scrunchies. Here’s five reasons why scrunchies should be a staple in your spring wardrobe.


They’re cute AF

Unlike ordinary hair ties, scrunchies give you a retro look with a pop of color. Whether you’re rocking them on your wrist or in your hair, they’re sure to add a little flare to your outfit. Remember — it’s all in the details.



They’re functional 

Scrunchies will hold your hair in place for hours, and they’re less likely to tug on your hair than regular hair ties. Trust us, if you trade in your elastic hair ties for scrunchies your hair will thank you later.




You can personalize them

Scrunchies come in all different colors and patterns. Buy some that suit your individual style or invest in some neutral ones that you can pair with any outfit.




They're long-lasting

Have you ever put your hair up and had a basic elastic hair tie snap on you? Ouch! With scrunchies, you’ll never experience this moment again.




They're trendy

In 2017, Urban Outfitters reported a 170 percent increase in scrunchie sales. They're obviously making a major comeback. So what are you waiting for? Go buy some scrunchies today.


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