5 Reasons We Love Spring

One moment, you are bundled in layers of sweaters, jackets and jeans galore — the next, you’re rocking new tank tops and flip flops. Who doesn’t love springtime? Here are the top five reasons why we love this blooming season.

1. Spring wardrobe

The transition to cute new springtime clothes from those heavy winter sweaters and boots is cathartic. Shorts, skirts, tank tops, tee shirts, flip flops — the possibilities are endless. Spring prints are definitely the cutest whether it’s floral, plaid, stripes or pastels.


2. The sun is back

We love when the sun makes its first appearance after months of clouds and rain. The San Luis Obispo hills magically transform into beautiful shades of green right before our eyes. With clear blue skies, perfect 75 degree weather and bright sunlight, what's not to love? Not to mention, Vitamin D does wonders for our productivity.  


3. Blooming flowers 

Although spring may come with annoying allergies, we can’t deny how stunning the blooming season is. The super-bloom this year brought a new excitement to flower fields.  


4. The end of the school year is near

The arrival of spring means more than just new weather patterns, for us busy collegiate students spring season yields the thrill of summer right around the corner. Springtime becomes one step closer to those lounge days by the pool, and relief from midterms, projects and finals towards freedom.


5. Getting outside

Last, but certainly not least, think of all your favorite pastimes warmer weather allows. Whether you enjoy hiking in the San Luis Obispo hills, biking your favorite trails or simply lounging by the pool at the recreation center, the arrival of warm weather means endless amounts of time outside.

Image via Unsplash