5 Reactions We Have Going to Class in Summer Weather

It is so difficult going to class when the weather is PERFECT for going to the beach. Sitting through a two hour lecture on economics is literally torture when all you want to do is go on a hike, because it’s warm enough to wear shorts but cool enough you don’t start sweating as soon as you walk outside. If you find yourself having these same thoughts, here’s some reactions you might have walking to class during the summer weather.


1. This is a waste of a perfect beach day!

2. Wanting to tell your professors exactly where they can find you on this fine afternoon.


3. Calculating how many absences you can afford before the professor drops you down a grade.


4. Pretending you’re doing your work in class.


5. This heat is too much for me to take.


Whether it's perfect for a beach day or staying indoors, we’d rather not go to class!

Images via GIPHY