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5 Reactions to Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Wedding

Celebrity weddings always seem to be in the news, but somehow Justin and Hailey have been able to keep their most recent South Carolina wedding pretty under wraps, at least until the guests started to arrive. Even though there have been limited pictures and information on the ceremony, we just can’t keep our reactions to ourselves. Here’s five reactions to Justin and Hailey’s wedding.

Okay these Instagram posts are super cute!!

We love seeing couples in love!

Wait, the ring was HOW much???

Hailey Bieber’s ring cost about $500,000 accoridng to Seventeen Magazine.

Justin is releasing new music??

If getting married again means Justin is releasing new music, he should get married every year!

When do we get to see Hailey’s dress??

We can see it’s some sort of halter dress, but we want to see the full dress in all its glory!

No matter your opinion on Justin or Hailey, you gotta admit, these pictures are pretty darn adorable!

The couple takes some pretty cute photos! Where can we take lessons on how to be photogenic?

Do you think the marriage will last? Let us know in the comments below!

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