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5 Places You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed Around SLO

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Madonna Inn, Bishop Peak, Hearst Castle; these are typical landmarks of SLO that bigs, siblings and friends will say you have to visit before you graduate. But there is so much more to see in and around SLO that a lot of people don’t know about. Check out these super cool places before you graduate and leave! 

Monarch Butterfly Grove

From late October to February, visit Pismo’s Monarch Butterfly Grove to see the thousands of butterflies decorating the trees. Make some friends, take some pictures, and then say goodbye because you’ll never see the exact same butterfly in Pismo again. 

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards

This place has peacocks and you can feed them while drinking some really good wine. Girls night out? We think so. And think of the Instagram pictures!

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Vista Lago Adventure Park

For adrenaline junkies who need a thrill fix, Laguna Adventure Park is a must. The park boasts four different intensity leveled courses, zip lines, and a 45’ foot tall free-fall jump ominously named The Ledge.

Moonstone Beach

Moonstone hunting is totally a thing and you should do it. This activity requires a bit of driving but we think it’s well worth the romantic date you can get out of it. Build sand castles with your treasures and have a Pinterest-worthy picnic but when you’re done, leave your stones behind so others can experience the beauty for years to come.

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Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery

Drive 10 minutes past Hearst Castle, and you’ll reach Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. This one is a bit farther from SLO than others, but we felt it was worth mentioning because their ridiculously giant noses are enough to turn even the most awful day around

Life is too short not to throw down your books and explore once in a while. Grab your friends and go!

Andrea is a Communications Studies major at Cal Poly SLO. She likes to spend the day chatting, reading, or exploring new places, and her favorite snack is a Caribbean Passion from Jamba Juice paired with fresh-popped popcorn. If you see her on campus, she'll most likely be daydreaming about traveling to far-away places or thinking about adopting another kitten.