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5 Pieces of Clothing to Add to Your Work from Home Wardrobe

Since working from home has become the new normal for a lot of people, there are a few pieces you should consider adding to your wardrobe. They range from comfy casual to a little more dressed up, so you should be covered across the board for your work from home (WFH) wardrobe.

Long Sleeved Sweaters

Especially during the winter months of the new year, sweaters are an essential for everyone’s closets. This is a great piece for your WFH wardrobe, as their versatility allows for them to be dressed up and down. This allows for a professional look during a work meeting and a comfy lounge sweater for work time off camera. This does depend on the color, cut and fit of the sweater, but since your head and shoulders are usually the only part of your body seen on Zoom, it should be easier to get away with.


Cardigans are a comfortable piece to add to your WFH wardrobe. Keeping you warm and looking presentable while you’re off and on the Zoom call, cardigans are a piece that should be more of a staple. There’s also a lot of freedom in terms of colors, textures and types of fabric it’s made out of, allowing you to find one that fits your idea of a WFH outfit.


Since your bottom half usually isn’t visible on Zoom calls, comfortable sweatpants can now be worn during work meetings. Different kinds of sweatpants are available, allowing you to choose exactly what level of comfort you want. Sweatpants can also keep you warm for those early morning work meetings while you’re warming up with some coffee or tea.


Similar to sweatpants, the styles and types are pretty diverse, allowing for comfort during your work hours. You can wear thicker leggings that can keep you warm and comfortable, or you can wear workout leggings to make the transition from work to workout a lot faster and easier.

Fleece Jackets
Sofia Gonzalez

These thick jackets are for those days where the cold seeps in, regardless of how warm it is in the house, and especially for when work piles up during those days. These jackets are soft and comfortable without being suffocating, allowing for warmth and comfort while answering emails and working on projects.

Regardless of how many or few you choose to incorporate — or maybe you already do — we hope you figure out the best ways to stay comfortable while working from home. Despite the workload, being comfortable can help take a bit of stress off your back.

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